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Around Los Santos Off-Road Meets [Xbox 360]

steve dogg 51

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  • 7 months later...
steve dogg 51

Guys the title of this thread will soon be changing to the

Around Los Santos Car Meets

Offering something a little different from just he off rd action.


The first meet will be on PC :)


Also please call in and say hi on the OFF-RD ALL-STARS thread in the CREWS section :)

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  • 6 months later...
steve dogg 51


calling all the gta forums guys CREW NOTICE from the OFF ROAD ALL STARS and Around Los Santos Off-Rd Challenge






if you love car and off-rd meets READ THIS



the new Guys I know I and other come out with new ideas and ways of trying to connect crew members. Some work some fail miserably.

But finally we may have something that could work. Xbox clubs.

I often wished when scheduling a meet that there was a way of group inviting players, rather than having to invite people individually. It was always stressful, and people got missed.

It seem that the new Xbox live clubs features, now allows us to set a time, and date of a meet. Invites players to register there interest and then sends an invite and reminder when the meet or event is starting and prompts them to join the party for that event.

This is great ! Just what we have always needed.

If also allows us to post meet shots and videos to the club feed.

No silly lists, entering gammer tags etc etc

I would urge all ORAS Members on Xbox live to join the official

OFF ROAD ALL STARS club on Xbox live.

Or you can add me on Xbox live
GT steve dogg 51
and search the club through my profile.

And I would also ask if the proactive members of the crew could set an example, when your online, why not just set a club party ? Which Allows you to chat with other crew members.

For the first time we have a means of reaching crew members and communicating via the Xbox (not Facebook not a forum) who are active and playing. And we are not just limited to a single game.

Give it a try, and let me know your thoughts and feedback on it

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