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Boat races automatically lock to one boat


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well, just one boat race so far. I had all boats made available with the Seashark set as default, and when i went to play it it was locked to the Squalo. I then de-selected and re-selected all boats and changed the default to the Jetmax, with the result that it is now locked to the Jetmax :angry: This is the race in question; Biggest Boat Jump In GTAO


So, has anyone else had this happen, and, if yes, do you know how to fix this?

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Sorry, been out of pocket for a few days. I think the vehicle selection is broken. I started making my 1st water race a couple weeks ago. it's locked to "jetmax". It still needs a little tweaking but works well. Would try yours, but I'm [PS3].


Ship Happens is a GTA (only) Water (lap) Race through Fort Zancudo. Launch your boat onto the highway into dynamic props and speeding vehicles. Steal a cement mixer, truck or car (most all classes, makes and models, some towing trailers). Jump ramp into Fort and steal a jet. Fly to river CP <[Edit: This CP is now the start point], respawn in boat where you'll find cop cars driving through the river to get to you. Water cops too. Boat ramp onto highway bridge. Free molotovs for burning cars, cops, large gas tanks. Flee cops thru tunnel back to water to reach finish/start lap 2. Three laps is best. Pure mayhem.


Some great cinematic Stunt Jump shots including when 2 cop cars and a helicopter follow you over the fence into the Fort.



Edit: Link and CP changes

Edited by hyperkane
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