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GTA V PC Wishlist


Recommended Posts

As the title said, begin with ideas, wishes and desires for PC version of GTA V!


Here is what I want:


- Custom Radio Stations (still not confirmed, but there are big chances)

- Improved Graphics

- Video Editor

- Pet Shops

- More Cars

- Expansion of Map (North Yankton to be added)

- New Side Missions or Removed Missions from Beta

- Improved Multiplayer (Chat for gamers without mic)

- Atmosphere from GTA IV

- Gambling (like in GTA San Andreas)

- Vinewood Casino (to be accesible)

- Minigames (from GTA San Andreas and GTA IV)

- All DLCs (which are released for consoles) to be integrated in PC version - Rockstar done that (for next-gen consoles) :D

- iFruit support for PC

- Exclusive content for new players

Edited by JeffersonCJ
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- Release date to be pushed forward into December at the latest.


Hey, It's not called a wishlist for nothing, right?

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- Casino

- (I heard they aren't in game) Vigilante missions etc. (Police, Ambulance)

- Trucker missions like in old San Andreas
- Like Xerukal said, Release Date pushed forward (1st week of January will be good, I have Birthday at 1st Jan :D )
- Game running on my PC

That's all what I can think about right now :)

Edited by KyloW13
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I wish that it don't get delayed again.




1- Vigilante missions

2- adopting pets

3- Horses! God I love to ride horses to escape from the bloodhound police.

4- Offline LAN

5- Good Optimization

6- Heists already in it

7- Gambling

8- Buying lots of property

9- new parts of map

10- fully moddable and mod friendly

11- a good mod development kit


All of the above are my wishes for the Single-Player. I dont give a flying f*ck about online.

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- POOL (darts is boring)

- Custom Radio

- Police Missions

- Pet shop

- Basket


- Mod-Friendly


And of course, release on Christmas...

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-Worth it

I don't want another poor port, it feels quite unfair already that with all the potential that GTA IV could've had on the pc, it had nothing of it. GTA V for PC should be amazing no matter what, and not a sucky port with lack of content.
Oh, and mod friendly as everybody said

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-Gloves with fingers and fingerless gloves to use on our custom outfit on singleplayer and multiplayer.

Edited by fefenc
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A graphics option to reduce fog in the distance like a far view. Can you imagine having that, would be so cool. I know some prefer having distant fog/haze because it can be realistic for LA. But sometimes I like it clear almost to the horizon. It may not be practical to have it and keep the game playable but I hope they can anyway.

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i want GTA V on PC that is made for the PC, and by the PC! I.E. Smooth Gameplay! Beautiful Graphics! Optimization at its highest!

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-DirectX 10 and 9 support (and mantle support if their going AMD)

-The garage system from online for single player or at least the option to change out the characters' main vehicle.

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Aside from the standards like improved visuals, higher resolution and FPS which we're of course getting:


- Ability to purchase houses in SP. Houses, not apartments.

- Return of the Pizza Boy bike.

- An AC130 gunship. They already have the Titan model. Use that, add firepower, presto.


These would be reaching pretty far:

- A purpose-built race track implemented in place of the prison's current location. Local short track-type. Paved, around 4/10 of a mile in length. Holds races once every 7 in-game days. Use your imagination.

- With this, the addition of something of a Super Late Model.


- Also a purchasable race shop just north/northwest of Vinewood Hills.

- Addition of San Fierro and Las Venturas. They aren't completely necessary IMO but I'd be a fool to say no at the chance to have them.

- First-person mode for walking, driving, flying etc. 100% optional and can easily toggle between this and third-person at any time.

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Give every PC player at least a million dollars for online, for the big delay


if you pre.order the game you get 500k for sp and 500k for op

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- Cockpit view for driving / flying etc (If Ubisoft did it with Watch_Dogs, why can't Rockstar do it with GTA V?)

- Independence FM, or as similar custom station, with a DJ and imaging

- GTA Online to be seperate from the single player, so people who want to play with mods won't have to give up on the Online features

Edited by Big Danny K
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- No delay.

- Umm...Nightclubs? Seriously, nightclubs, like in TBoGT. I keep repeating it every time.

- Clubbing and house music tracks.

- Content Creator for SP.

- Modding support. If there would be a thing worth this delay, then it would be a good mod developer kit, like G.E.C.K. for Fallout 3. Just give the community some tools and be praised at least for 5 years.

Accept the contributions of players and be worshipped until GTA 6 whenever it comes.

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Well... I'd like to see the following things:


- more helicopters like in San Andreas (Leviathan, Sparrow, Sea Sparrow, News Maverick (would be great for creating videos! We already got some view for this in online sessions :) )


- more planes like in San Andreas (besides the Dodo seaplane a wheeled Dodo [both based on the de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver or the Cessna 150 (two seats)], the Rustler [P51 Mustang based], the Nevada, the Beagle [but nah... Not again a Britten Norman Islander - maybe some de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter!] and the AT400 as a mid-size jet [737/A320 like])


- Hydra and Hunter oft course! But I think we are going Tod see them anyway ;)


------------ other things --------------


- police dogs (we already got some police van for them)


- good optimized version for pc, not like IV - even it takes till 1/27/15!


- heists, casinos etc.

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I would love to see the booty calls to offer other activities than just offscreen sex.

For example, we could shoot BURDS for Ursula, drive a race with Liz, perhaps go shopping and hear her comment on your choice.

Or playing pool or DANCING perhaps?

Can be also a beach party around the bonfire.


Drinking and smoking from Online could be also implemented.


And making the peds not calling police for standing near them longer than 3 seconds.

Edited by Alvarez
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