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New gen is finally here


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Just look at it:




This is an even bigger technical leap forward than how GTA1 looks on PS1 when compared to GTA: San Andreas on PS2. And GTA III on PS2 compared to GTA V on PS3.


This image comparision shows just how retro, pathetic and technically defunt the PS3 and 360 really are when seeing such an evolutionary technical advancement. I can't even tell they are meant to be the same game.

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PC has had these graphics for some time now. You know if pretty graphics is what attracts you so much, then you might want to build a good gaming PC. Graphics on a good PC will always beat consoles. + the mods do a great job. I remember modding GTA Vice City to the point where if you`d take a screenshot and show it to someone they would not believe. It is understandable to be impressed by the graphics. While parts for PC come out at the speed of light making graphical improvements slowly but much more frequently it is much harder to see the difference between previous and next unlike with consoles where they come out every 7 or something years where the graphical leap is huge every time. Because while consoles make 1 graphical leap forward, PC makes like 10. It`s nice that those who prefer consoles will finally get to appreciate the good looks in games. Low texture quality and 30 FPS isn`t really the perfect experience. It won`t be a surprise when people will start to say that once they played GTA5 on new consoles, they can`t go back. Really the same is for PC. I could not go back to the PC I had 7 years ago.

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