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2014 GTA5 Pilot Tournament


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Welcome to the official page for the 2014 GTA5 Pilot tournament. The page is under construction and will be edited several times over within the next day(9/14/14), so please stand by. Moderators, if I posted this thread in a spot that is not suitable, I'm sure you will probably let me know right away. Thank you and I apologize for any future inconveniences. It should be noted that this page will be used as a reference to tournament participants, and not so much for any recruitment efforts.



Also, I want to give a shout out to a fellow pilot, "GeeShepard." He was the one who originally came up with this idea. He is also the mastermind behind the original pilot list. LINK: http://i.imgur.com/BMiqegC.png



Tournament Social Club link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/pilot_tournament


About: This tournament will allow pilots from several different crews to compete in a unbiased, organized fashion to find out who is the best lazer pilot.(XBOX ONLY) The tournament itself will be provided by http://challonge.com



Rules for Registration:

1. To be eligible to participate you must already be a member of a known and recognized pilot crew.

2. You must have a microphone/headset.

3. You must have a xbox live account.

4. On your social club, your privacy settings MUST allow me and everyone else to see your gamertag in order to actually be added to the tournament itself.


Registration Date:TBA


Registration Format:

-Until the registration date, the crew will be completely open for anyone to join.

-Judges for the 1v1 death-matches will be selected before the official registration date as well.

-The crew will be set to invite only, and everyone in the tournament crew will be kicked(except judges) in order to prepare for enrollment.

- The Selected registration date will arrive, and the first 128 requested to join the crew will be accepted and none after that.

-The tournament will then be constructed on http://challonge.com/




-There will be about twenty judges selected.

- Judges will originate from several different pilot crews, this will help combat any sort of bias. If you want to be a judge keep in mind you will need to get along with the other judges, you will need to act with professionalism.

-Each judge must either have a capture card to spectate with, or a really awesome phone that allows them to take pictures of the scores to upload them.

-Judges are expected to report back on any unfairness during the 1v1 matches, be it excessive lag with one of the participants, improper non-combat merging, unsportsmanlike conduct..etc

-If you wish to be a judge, keep in mind that you are not just representing yourself out there but your crew as well, keep that in mind.


Tournament Rounds:

-When each round of the tournament begins you will have 3 days to compete against the person you were matched up with.

-If you fail to dogfight within those 3 days you will automatically forfeit.

-If both contestants failed to even acknowledge the round all together and not try to dogfight at all then they will be dismissed.


1v1 Dogfight Format:


-Competing contestants will start off at a distance. Once far enough, each player will begin to fly towards one another at the same altitude. As the 2 contestants approach one-another, they will fly past each other(Also known formally as the non-combat merge). After that merge is when the dogfight begins.

-The 1v1 will go until one of the contestants has reached 10 points

-If Contestant 1 shoots Contestant 2 and kills them, but C1 runs into the debris of C2, it still counts as 1 win for C1 and a loss for C2.

-Contestants are allowed to use rockets and cannons to eliminate other players.

-Going off radar, and/or Shooting at a contestant when doing the fly by at the start of the dogfight IS NOT ALLOWED.

-Players may use whatever surroundings they want during a dogfight.

-If another player hits their surroundings DURING a dogfight, it will count as a loss for the one who crashed. So be careful flying and be aware of your surroundings.

-Contestants will start off at an altitude at the middle height of the map (this may be subject to change)

-If conflict arises or disagreement between players as to what is fair or not, the judges will decide the outcome. If the outcome is a tie between judges (if there are only 2), contestants will then have a rematch to re-decide the outcome.

Things to keep in mind:

-This is my effort to get the xbox pilot community involved in something that stems passed just our own respective crews. However I understand the rivalries that some pilot crews have against each other. In that case I humbly ask that everyone on the tournaments social club page maintains some composure and that you keep you personal problems with other players outside of the tournaments page. I ask this mostly because we have a damn tournament to run and we don't need unnecessary uproars on the thread.

-If you have a capture card OR phone. USE IT. This goes for judges and normal contestants. We want to prevent any "He said, she said" problems, so you understand my concern.

-If you are a judge you can still compete in the tournament.

Edited by zVI Jackal IVz
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If you know a bunch of ps3 pilots that want to run a tournament off the same format I wont mind at all.

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Im down GT: Fugahzi

We will see what happens, we aren't going to open the doors to registration for another week.

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Mad props fellas! best thread ive seen in awhile. bummer im not an xbox guy. I am co-founder of an aviation crew on ps3 and would love to start up something like this for our platform. Will you only be doing 1v1 dogfights? or are there other challenges in which to compete in? Any other PS3 pilots that would be interested in competing in something like this send me a message on Social Club,


PSN - KapnKyle


Social Club - KapnKyle

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