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[Theories] What happened to Claude?

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Damn I thought Rockstar erased any kind of 3D era evidence in HD era. Then there's the painting of all 3D protagonists in GTA IV, btw I'm glad to hear 3D era hasn't vanished at all.

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Posted (edited)



I remember there being a location where you can notice the names of the previous protagonists in GTA 4.

@Harerama Chakraborty I personally believe that the next GTA will take place in Vice City, It's sorta obvious. GTA 3 took place in Liberty City, Correlating with GTA 4,  GTA San Andreas took place in San Andreas and included Los Santos, Correlating with GTA 5. And then we had GTA Vice City, which may or may not correlate with the next GTA game. I may be wrong here but my senses are showing something interesting about the next series. Which leads me to believe that the next GTA game will have a lot of stripper involvement and I guess you can say shining colors, Then again, Vice City and Miami are bright and shiny so I may not be far off. I also predict that the next GTA game may be released in 2019 Because GTA 4 was released in 2008 and we had GTA release 5 years after, And based on mathematical signs. We are only a year apart from our next game.


Edited by GTAforum_Jacory-S.

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Posted (edited)

He most likely was enough of a lad to keep living in Shoreside Vale and kill any armies of mobsters that were sent after him.


Besides, having the entire city after you means nothing. Toni Cipriani was friends with only two gangs at the end of LCS, yet he is the caporegime of the most powerful Mafia family in the city. Claude is also associated with two gangs.

Edited by MegaVice

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He might be left Liberty city to lay low for while

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I always assumed that he left LC Sometime after the exchange

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