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[SnP] Farewell My Love [v1]


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Hello , i need your help for pass missin 36 in gta san andreas ,

it seems that my pc cannot load the car on the road so when the race start i got my car through the near wood, i'm already upload my save file and here you the link


please just pass without change my info,like cash, girlfriend, states, map,...

i hope it was useful information ,thanx

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I will do it. Need a few minutes.


For: mirojack02

Missions: Farewell, my love...
Helper: JeffersonCJ
Notes: Phone call by The Truth is answered, next mission unlocked.
Saved at Fern Ridge.
Edited by JeffersonCJ
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Big thanx for you man, how you made it quickly?!!

I hope that wasnt bother you..

Without a fail the mission takes around 2-3 minutes.

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I need your help for pass [mission] 36 in gta San Andreas,

We are happy to help. Please observe the Titling format for help requests.

Mission numbers may vary depending which list you were reading. So just the mission name is sufficient.


ENJOY the game. :^:

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