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Gta IV (Xbox) Roleplay Clan

Justin Craze

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Evolution Roleplay is the ultimate roleplay experience for Grand Theft Auto IV, we aim to provide a realistic and enjoyable experience within GTA. Our clan has a community of people all friendly and willing to make your roleplay experience in Grand Theft Auto an enjoyable one.


Must be 14+ years old

Have a Working Microphone

Have a GTA Original disc

Must speak Fluent English

May Not be in another GTA IV clan


Please be aware that out clan operates between the following times: 8pmEST


We have a variety of areas avaliable for members to undertake and to become part of to enable you to fulfil your role playing experience. These are:


Area Drivers- Area Drivers are trained to high and advanced standards in various condiitons to ensure that they are suitable and competent drivers. Part of such an area required such skill and abilites which only very few have. Area Drivers will typically be seen driving Police Stingers or Police Chargers.

Armed Response- Armed Response are the officers who have high standards/abilities and skills to manageing and deal with various incidents relating to firearms. These officers will be given Advanced Driver training and Advanced Firearm training so they can be able to deal with a variety of incidents and support our officers. These officers will typically be seen within Police Chargers or Police Patriots.


Incident Response- Incident Response is the where all officers will start. Within Incident Response officers will be trained to our clan stardards to ensure that they have the knowledge to deal with a variety of situations both Emergency and Non-Emergency. Officers would typically be driving Police Cruiser and Patrol.


Air Support- Air Support is a cruicial and required part of our clan as it provides support to our ground officers. Officers within this area must be able to multi task and maintain discipline and able to multi task whilst remaining safe. Officers will be using Police Mavericks/Swifts and when on ground will drive the Noose Cruiser.


Crooks- Crooks are the main part of our clan who provide a variety of situations and scenarios for our officers to deal with. Crooks are an essential part of the clan and MUST be trained to high standards, and you can have jobs, etc

To join contact: :miranda:

  • Dazi Trusino(Xbox Live)
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Captain BlaKe I

Well well Look who it is...

Everybody who is reading this he copied off the LCPD Don't join this sh*tty clan

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