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New VS game mode idea: Turf War


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The criminal population in San Andreas is boiling over. As tensions between rival gangs reach critical mass, it will be all out war in the streets until one crew comes out on top and lays claim to Los Santos. Will you mount up with a crew and fight for your territory, or become a casualty to street war?


The Turf War update brings new vehicles, weapons, game modes, jobs, and more.



Game Mode: Turf War


Turf War is a capture style competitive jobs for two teams and up to 16 players. In it, teams must compete to "capture" locations spread around the map by tagging them with spray paint.


How it works:

Upon starting the match, both teams will spawn in a "home base" stocked with weapons and vehicles. Looking at the mini map, there will be yellow objective markers scattered all over the city.


The goal is to get to a marker. When you enter the marker, your character will automatically enter a 5 second long animation in which they "tag" a wall, sculpture or other object with spray paint. The yellow objective marker will then turn blue to signify that your team has captured that marker.


If an enemy team captures a marker, that marker will turn red on the radar.


You may overtake an enemy's tag. Enter a red marker and your character will automatically enter the 5 second animation, spray painting over the opponent's tag.


If an opponent is near (within a certain radius) one of your tags, the marker will begin to blink to signal that it's in danger of being overtaken.


At the end of the time limit, the team with the most currently held tags wins.



In the event both teams have an equal number of tags when time runs out, the game will go into overtime in which all locations are reset and the tags may not be overwritten. The first team to achieve the majority (say 11 out of 20) tags wins and the game will end at that point.


You may also win by having every single location tagged.


Lobby options:

-Area size (small, medium, large, or automatic (which will scale based on the number of players)

-Number of tag locations: 5 to 20, or automatic (which will scale the number based on the number of players)

-Sudden Death (once a location is tagged, it's held permanently and may not be sprayed over.)


Automatic is recommended for the area size and number of tag locations, as having too many locations over too big an area for too few players would defeat the point of the game mode - frantic racing around to claim locations and bumping into enemies along the way.


Plus the usual other options like forced weapons, time limit, etc.


This mode is more King of the Hill than Capture the Flag, but what makes it interesting is that, instead of just capturing a single location and holding it, you're racing around a large area trying to obtain MANY areas, hoping to end up with the most when the time runs out.





Declasse Broadway $75,000



Vapid Hustler $125,000



Declasse VooDoo (clean, moddable) $60,000



Cheval Savanna $80,000



Albany Esperanto $50,000



New Car Mods

LSC will be upgraded with a host of new mods for select cars, mostly low-rider and classic car themed. New classic car style rims will be available. Convertibles will have new interior upgrades such as hanging dice from the mirror, different fabric patterns for the seats, perhaps even a stereo upgrade that will increase the bass output so as you drive by other players, they will hear the bass rumbling from your ride. Also available will be DONK wheels and lift kits, for those who have TRULY terrible taste.


For those who love classic cars and want to mod them in tasteful ways, new exhausts, rims, tires, trim and racing stripe packages will be released for MOST classic cars in the game. Upgrading the engine will now change the way the car sounds at idle (bigger cam = lumpy idle).


New Weapons

Brass knuckles - makes a satisfying metallic sound when punching your enemies to death.

Butterfly knife - Stab with style.

Snub Nosed .357 revolver - It only holds six shots at a time and takes a little longer to reload, but it's a one-shot kill in the chest or the head.

Pipe bomb - Projects shrapnel that will damage targets even outside of the blast range. Great for groups that are somewhat spread out. Not necessarily an instant-kill.

Spray Paint - Not very useful as a weapon, but can be used to deface other players cars forcing them to get a car wash or visit the mod shop.


New Contact Abilities


Drive-By - $1000 - Call in a group of thugs to drive by your target and unload their Uzis from the windows. They will make one pass on the target and then flee.

Posse $3000 - Call in a group of thugs to back you up either on foot, or to ride along in your car. They will stay with you until they die or you enter your apartment, start a job or switch sessions.

Beat Down $2000 - Hire a small mob to track and beat down your target with melee weapons. (just for hilarity sake. A mugger is more useful)

Kidnap - $7000 - Lamar will send a crew out with a van to kidnap a player of your choosing and dump them in a random location. When the player is attacked by the kidnappers, they will be knocked down (like the Mugger does) and their screen will go black with a message "You have been kidnapped!". A short amount of time later their screen will fade in and their character will pick themselves up from off of the ground in a random location, usually a dirty alleyway or the middle of the desert.



Green Light - $50000 - A large price, but worthwhile results. Green Light a player and Martin will use his connections to ensure that player is hunted down mercilessly, over and over, for a period of time. The timer pauses when the player enters an apartment, joins a job, or leaves the session. Each time the player is killed, the AI attackers despawn, and respawn elsewhere to give the player a chance to get running again.



Sniper - $4000 - Hire a sniper to take position and eliminate any hostile in the area for a period of time or until found and killed. Does not appear on radar, uses a silenced sniper rifle.



NOOSE - $7000 - Have Lester arrange a phony emergency call to which NOOSE will respond in force. Choose a player, pay the fee, and that player will immediately receive a 5-star wanted level until they escape it or they are killed.



Game Changes/Fixes

-Walking into a job marker no longer automatically launches a job. Instead, an invitation will be sent to your phone, you may hold up on the d-pad to instantly accept. This applies to Gang Attacks as well.

-Removed parachute pack removal animation. Parachute packs will now simply vanish, unless the player remains still after landing, in which case the animation will play - and may be interrupted by moving.

-Added the ability to leave your vehicle running by tapping Y/Triangle to exit the vehicle while it's running, and holding the button to shut the vehicle off.

-Fixed several exploits that allowed players under the map or inside walls, able to shoot out but safe from people shooting in.

-Fixed an exploit that would render players invincible

-Fixed an exploit that was being used to run a mod menu to spawn objects, alter player states as well as many other things, and banned anyone who has ever used it. (Hey, I can dream.)






Original post:

Two teams, 16 players, taking place in the whole of the metro Los Santos area, each team will compete against each other to race around the city and "tag" (spray paint) their teams logo at specific places. The team with the most tags sprayed at the end of the time limit is the winner. Even if one team only has 5 out of 10 sprayed, as long as the other team had less, team 1 will win. You an spray over top of enemy tags to claim it as your own. Spreading out is a good strategy, but you'll need some team to tag clean areas and other team members to retag over enemy tags.

It's like capture the flag, but with... 20 tag spots? Maybe that number could be adjustable. Infinite respawns, respawn in vehicles, etc.

You would find yourself and your team racing around the majority of Los Santos, from Vinewood to the airport, Del Pero to Mirror Park, jumping out of your car to tag a sign, building, statue or whatever, then speeding off to the next location. Chances are you'll encounter opponents along the way and erupt into a vicious gun battle.

What say you?

Edited by MichiganMuscle77
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Maybe not a game mode but a minigame, but i know it's not possible to add a mingame to the game with an update. The new mode would be the best bet.

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I think it would work best as a capture game mode, BUT it would be cool as a free roam thing too, just a persistent challenge if tagging as many areas as possible.

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mmm i dont know...


sound like something that people would play once and never come back *cough*capture*cough*

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Sussus Amongus




It's just like a Capture but with gang tags. It would be pretty stupid having two of the same gamemodes just with a diffrent objective.
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i think it would work, but for invite only, because we all know you can not get 16 randoms to work together for anything.

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It's just like a Capture but with gang tags. It would be pretty stupid having two of the same gamemodes just with a diffrent objective.

No, it's definitely not. It's king of the hill, with many hills. Capture requires you to get something and take it somewhere. This requires you to go to a spot, get out, take 5-10 seconds to perform an action, then speed off to the next one. If you can't see how a full lobby of players doing this would be ridiculous chaos and fun, you're not understanding the idea fully.


The reason nobody likes capture is because it's too hard to catch someone after they get the case unless you're already near them.


So if you instead make it so the capture object is a location, you're not trying in vain to catch a player who is already a mile ahead, you're fighting to gain control over a spot, and keep it under control until the time runs out... And these spots are across half the map so you're constantly speeding off to capture one and defend the others.


It's nothing like the capture jobs we have now.

i think it would work, but for invite only, because we all know you can not get 16 randoms to work together for anything.

Well that's the nice thing, the nature of the job allows people to lone wolf it and still contribute as long as they're killing the other team.

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Great idea OP, been saying something similar recently. A freeroam mode, where highlighted areas can become 'captured' if so many crew are located in it. And maybe you could choose to respawn in that highlighted area/hood.

It would encourage gang shoot-outs and rivary. As people would actually feel like they are protecting something that can be lost. Now that i think about it, I guess it would be some sort of a Gang/crew club house, that could be captured.

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TL/DR. Not a new idea.

Too long, didn't read, but somehow you know my idea is exactly the same? You're a douche.

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