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Mister Pink

Chic Ft. Nile Rodgers

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Mister Pink

I had the pleasure to catch Chic at the weekend amongst other great acts like Beck. But Chic have been a band that my conscious has know since I was very young, maybe even as much as 25 years go, when I was just starting school.


Nile Rodgers has recently been making waves and bringing the Chic organization back, touring around the globe extensively, since beating cancer 4 years ago. For you young 'uns, you may know Nile Rodgers as the dreaded dude playing guitar and producing Daft's Punk's Get Lucky.


He's a music legend. When David Bowie asked Rodgers to produce his acoustic song Let's Dance, Rodgers turned it it to the semi-funk classic we know it as today with it's iconic riff.


Some of you 90's/00's kids will have been introduced by Rogers/Chic on Mojo's Lady (Hear Me Tonight) - as sampled from here...



Rodgers with writing partner and legendary bassist Bernard Edwards has also practically created Sister Sledge and all their tracks, worked on Diana Ross (Upside Down, I'm Coming Out - sampled by Notorious BIG), Duran Duran's Notorious which was famously sampled by Notorious BIG on Notorious! you would have also hear his guitar on Greatest Dancer sampled by Will Smith on Gettin' Jiggy With It. Now you can see all the disco/funk guitar similarities?




By Rogers and Bernard's contribution to Disco, Funk and Popular music, they basically are one of the founding backbones of the sound of Hip Hop.


Most famously, Chic's Good Times was sampled countlessly when Hip Hop originated in New York. Blondie's Deborah Harry took Rodgers to an underground club to hear what these new cats were doing in the clubs. They were rapping. It was fresh and new but they were all rapping over Chic's Good Times, eventually Sugarhill Gang sampled it on Rappers Delight making it a famous Disco-Hop classic and also propelling the first rap track in to the charts.




I'm so glad to have seen such a legend(s).






Edited by Mister Pink

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His career has undergone quite a resurgence in the last 3 years. Before that he was one the great forgotten guitar heroes, is there any song with a better rhythm guitar than I'm Coming out?

His autobiography seemed to return him back into the public consciousness and since the Daft Punk thing he's been f*cking everywhere.

C'est Chic and Diana are definitely my favourite albums of his (and Edwards) , but my favourite song of theirs has to be this


I just love the lead vocal in this track, especially in the 2nd half of the song. That girl is feeling that sh*t!!


Second favourite of theirs is definitely


This time it's the strings that stand out for me.


Not really that much of a fan of a lot of the sh*t he produced in the 80's, although always liked the guitar on Holiday.

No doubt though, the guy's a f*cking legend

Edited by KnobCheez

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Mister Pink

Thanks for posting. Glad to meet another fan on here.


I Want Your Love is probably my favourite too. It get's regular play at parties amongst friends. I've known it when I was a young teenager (don't think I knew it was Chic back then) but listening as adult, I've come back to it and it's just perfect. Those tubular bell sounding melodies at the start, that groovy disco bass and I adore the tempo.. just perfect.

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It's such a shame that literally no one gave a sh*t about Nile Rodgers until he worked with Daft Punk and became, y'know, visible. Pretty much no one had any f*cking clue who he was until Get Lucky.


I've been a big fan of his stuff for a long long time now, though I'll be honest and say that even though these are songs I've loved since I was a little kid, the majority of them, I didn't know he was involved. Glad to see he's getting some proper recognition for everything he's done (which is a frightening amount, really).

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I've been a bit fascinated with Nile Rodgers for a couple of years now. I knew Chic and caught an interview with him on one of the breakfast TV programs of all places. What a guy.


Had no idea he beat cancer. No wonder he looked so happy to be there which was one of the things I always associate with him - he's always smiling. No surprise that Chic have always been such an uplifting act.


This is one of my favourites put out on the Norma Jean solo album:



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Mister Pink

Sweet track :D

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Special Members

I like this one that was sampled in Rapper's Delight.



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Mister Pink

Was mind blowing to hear it live.. they even did some nods to Rappers Delight, despite the history.

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Not my style at all, but definitely one of the most influential dudes in music ever and a humble, friendly person to boot. Rare combo that.

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Mister Pink

So since posting this, Chic, will be back in my city for about the 5th time in 3 years. So strange. I might try catch them again but my friend seen them a month or so ago and they did the exact same set

Edited by Mister Pinkerton

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Mister Pink

For anyone interested in learning Nile's style. 



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