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When will rockstar allow the same control over objects in map creator


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As in the farcry map creator?


Maybe they'll update it sometime?

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CC is not beta anymore... It is what it is. You can expect new mission creator modes maybe but not total environmental control.

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Maya Echo Visari

I really do like the creative mode, - There's all sorts of things you can do with it, but I do feel really restricted with it.


Now, I get that the possibility of Rockstar wanting to enforce the concept of things being believable, and fair, and not too complicated, but I kinda' like the idea of things getting a bit out of hand. Honestly, I wanna' make a race that starts in the heavens above, (Like a sort of Hotwheels track, like in those cartoons), that if you're not careful you'll fall off the track and start hurtling toward the ground, taking ten-to-twenty seconds to make contact with it.


Or perhaps, make a race that is just one big giant huge ramp, or maybe a very long, steep and narrow one that begins from the clouds and ends on the hard ground floor - Like I know these things cannot happen but it would be fun, and it wouldn't hurt anybody. I wouldn't even plan on getting it verified at all, I would just like to make it so me and my friends have more things to do.


The one thing that was so great about the map editor in Far Cry was that it had no limitations. It wasn't a racing simulator, - But it didn't need to be. I liked making things crazy, and Far Cry is good at that.

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