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Pegassi Ruffian glitched


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I've had several found/bought that were the same in the past but didn't notice it till now.

With the single head light it looks like the head light is made up of 3 lights and I at first thought they were all like that..

Actually the bike has the dual head lights with the single head light/fairing over top of it.

All 3 lite up when you turn your head lights on and if you look close threw the scope of your sniper rifle you can see all 3 lights. The main large single head light built into the fairing with the two smaller lights sticking out from the sides of the single center light.


The one I currently have I bought thru the phone and as normal after I buy something they start spawning everywhere. After checking those out it seems one in four have the triple head light.


Anyone else ever notice this?


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Jolly Swagman

I read that and I think you are asking if there are different variants of the Ruffian. Yes there are. I think that's what you were asking anyway, it wasn't real clear

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Basically, the ones you buy fromn the website either have 2 headlights, or the glitches 3 headlights. You can only get a non-glitched single headlight varient by finding it I'm pretty sure.

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Just stop calling everything not a glitch as a glitch. Rockstar is like a bull, they will piss in their pants and mow down everything called "glitch".

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I know there's two versions, single with fairing and dual without fairing, like the PCJ 600 ,single or dual lights but without the fairing.

The one I bought and some of the ones spawning on the street had both the dual head lights with the single head light and fairing over top of the dual head lights.

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