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The Larry-Swayze guide to winning at GTA and life


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Follow these time-tested methods and you too can be hated by every player you meet in GTA online!


1) Join random lobby.


2) Proceed to call everyone that kills you a p*ssy noob.


3) Jump into passive mode after being killed, be sure to continue talking sh*t


4) Message your killers constantly to distract them, making sure you provoke responses from other players.


5) Ensure your opponent is responding to your message, then go off radar and come out of passive to make a kill while they are distracted.


6) As soon as your opponent respawns, immediately go back into passive mode. Make sure you call them a p*ssy noob again at this point while you're hiding in passive on a rooftop.


7) Immediately repeat steps 4-6, waiting on a message response from opponent.


8) As soon as they are responding to your message, jump out of passive mode and call a mugger on the opponent. Immediately jump back into passive to avoid being killed.


9) Once your opponent stops responding to your messages for good, quickly enter the under map glitch and kill them relentlessly while messaging your opponent to remind them of how much they suck.


10) When opponents' crew members show up for backup, call all of them noobs while immediately teleporting across the board to remain safe.


11) Wait a few minutes, then unleash a barrage of muggers and mercenaries on your opponents from the other side of the map while challenging everyone to 1on1 deathmatches, then find a new lobby when they call your bluff.


If you carefully follow these simple steps, you too can become one of the most hated glitching cheaters in all of GTA Online! Feast your eyes upon the kind of stats you can have in only two months if you use RP glitches and the above mentioned combat techniques! Enjoy!



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Wow, you really have something against this guy... If he does see this, I'm going to think he will "LHAO" (or whatever) and keep doing this.


If you want to stop him, tell R*, not us.

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Uuuuh, we already have a guide.

Jolly made it.

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Well of course anyone who is any good at this game will have something against chickensh*t players like Larry, he just liked to run his mouth so I'm clowning him. It's not like he's going to stop regardless of what anyone says or does, he's an RP glitcher, those guys have no class.

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Just read Jolly's guide - that is pretty funny. The two posts aren't related at all though because his is just a compilation of hypothetical examples of bad play, whereas this is a step by step indictment of one particular individual's bad behavior. If that bothers you, find something else to do with your time rather than read this or attempt to troll it.

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How can i apply this in real life?

Follow the same steps. If you can't find any mercenaries or muggers use an army of cats.

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Hmm... but what if your killer goes into passive while replying to your message.


Grab a firetruck :D

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