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Best Offroad Vehicle in GTA V?

Mason Avery

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I'm looking into buying or finding a decent offroad vehicle but I'm not sure which one to get. Could anyone help me out, I'm looking for speed/good traction to drive around Blaine County.



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I don't know if it's the best out there, but I love the Sandking. Pretty fun to offroad with that beast!


I was thinking of the Sandking but I also like the Merryweather Jeep.

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Retired Mafia

The dubsta is an incredible vehicle! So fast, not too big! Stays on it's wheels, and you can go up every mountain without falling off, or having any damage at your 6x6.



@OP, don't consider getting the MW jeep, that thing is way too slow, it keepe flipping over, worst offroader ever for my opinion.

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I don't know if it's the best out there, but I love the Sandking. Pretty fun to offroad with that beast!


I was thinking of the Sandking but I also like the Merryweather Jeep.


Merryweather Jeep looks awesome and is quite decent offroad but can topple/roll easily due to its short wheelbase and seems to be top-heavy. While the Sandking (2 and 4 door) is longer which can be harder to manage on tight trails such as a hairpin turn on Mount Chiliad, it's got the clearance and power (when tuned) to get you in most places easily. It's my main offroader and the title Sandking truly fits it.


The best advice is to drive a bunch of trucks on trails you like and see what you enjoy the most. The Rebel when stock sucks ass when taking it for a ride but do the engine up and it's one powerful little beast so you gotta spend a bit of money to find the perfect truck. If tight on budget you can buy (or find) the Rebel for....$3,000? It's got tons of appearance mods, too. If you do find a Sandking driving around you should try it out, too. There's also many SUV's such as the Dubsta and Landstalker which are great. It really depends on what you're looking for.




If you're going to be driving around Sandy Shores and driving offroad, a very fitting Rancher would be my pick:







Edited by livejoker
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The sandking is more of a vehicle for rock crawling and going over rough terrain and bumps.


If your going to be mostly just on dirt tracks and hills then there are a few good choices, the Karin Rebel is AWD, fast on and off road and handles well, the BF Bifta and BF Injection are very similar and good for just desert driving or on dirt tracks but both are RWD so not as good at hill climbing as the rebel.


The merryweather mesa looks fantastic but statistically it is quite a poor off road vehicle with a weak AWD ratio so it's not great at steep hills, it's also slow and has terrible handling.


The Dubsta 6x6 is also a good choice being fast, AWD and has good clearance.


For hill climbing the Kalahari is by far the best, it's power to weight ratio is excellent and it can go near vertical.


Trevors truck the bodhi is also similar to the rebel and an excellent choice.

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GTA Forums User99521

The 6x6 can climb walls.But the bifta and dune buggy are really quick and have good traction.

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If you want to go fast choose the buggy or the bifta, if you want offroad, Hill climbing, get over rocks its the 6x6 dubsta or the sandking

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BoJack Cognac

Obviously the Sanchez and Nemesis are the best at traversing mountains and stuff.

The Dubsta 6x6 can go up any incline from a dead-stop.

And if you want a car for offroading, the Sultan is the way to go.

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I'm either thinking the Rebel, Crusader or the Sandking XL.



EDIT: It's now between the Crusader and the Sandking XL because they're both 4 seaters.

Edited by awm
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Get both the Sandking XL and the Dubsta 6x6. You won't be disappointed.


I only have 247k, so that isn't an option.

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Just brought the Sandking XL :)

A much harder but rewarding thing you could of done is look around for one instead. It saves you money and you can find different models of them (and by models I mean they have a front-guard or not on the front bumper). Not sure if buying one will equip one by pure luck but the front-guard makes it much better looking. Congrats on getting one, though, you won't be disappointed. :)


Also, if you turn into an offroading/truck crazy kind of guy you should check out the Find a Meetup section as I know there's lobbies where people bring their truck and find some trails to drive on. Real fun.



Edited by livejoker
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at the end of the day no car beat the Entity Offroad!







I wondered when one of you would show up.

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I mostly use my Zentorno. I think Rockstar didn't finetune the offroad vehicles enough to make me prefer them over supercars for climbing. They should've had way more grip.

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I cannot stand these "get a zentorno for offroad" lot, People need to realise offroading isn't just driving up steep f*cking hills, no super car in this game can do proper offroading ie driving over things, rock crawling, break over angles etc

Edited by hairyguy4
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Sultan is really good.


If you're looking for an actual off road vehicle, Rebel is dirt cheap, $37 insurance, and mediocre.

Dubsta 6x6 is also really good, but it bounces around a lot, so it can be a bit hard to control sometimes. The Regular Dubsta is also really good, but it's not as fast and it doesn't bounce around.

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Best Overall actual Vehicle- Clean Rebel


Best overall Offroad vehicle- Dune Buggy (Not really a car compared to clean Rebel)

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GTA Forums User99521

The Sultan, I'm not even joking.

Yeah it's pretty good but not for climbing rocks.To be honest you probably need 2 offroad vehicles.One for dirt trails and hills(sultan,bifta,dunebuggy) and one for rocks and mountains(6x6,sandking)


Edit:Oh and a liberator for when you want to climb over buildings.

Edited by moostered
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BF Injection - Casual off-road races such as Grass Route

Canis Kalahari - More difficult off-road races involving steep climbs

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The liberator is the best hill climber, it can climb any hill, slippery rock faces and all. That doesn't help you much though because it's no longer purchasable.

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