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Oh Rockstar, you never cease to disappoint....


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Honestly, you'd think that multi once-million dollar business could actually do something right for once. No they can barely do anything right. Single player, yeah that was fun and all good besides Johnny being involved, and the whole remains of the Lost MC being desecrated. It's like they wanted to completely forget about GTA IV.


GTA Online, is one of the most disappointing things ever. Where to start? Well, jobs: some are so tediously long and annoying. Respawning enemies, which make it near impossible to play alone. The job pay is 'effing annoyingly low. example. Rooftop Rumble (who doesn't get 4 billion invites for that per day right?) well easy enough job that used to pay $18,750 now it only pays around $11-14,000. Now, why complain about low wages, well you need money to do anything of course, and customising cars is 5x more expensive than on single player. 'effing ridiculous prices they put up which really get me pissed off.

Save up about $300,000 so you can spend it on your stock Turismo R that you've just picked up and halfway through, I've already run out of money, yes with a $300,000 budget it actually runs out. WHO THOUGHT CUSTOMISING A CAR WOULD BE THIS BULLsh*t! Yet in single player I can customise some supercars for under $150,000!


Not to mention, where are the extra paint jobs that they haven't included for us but completely okay for AI to have. Cars are "too hot to modify" bullsh*t. Sometimes I start to see rare, only-online-available cars spawning and of course, they're just there to taunt you because you can't actually modify them and of course if you do, then spend another $500,000-$1,000,000 on buying the car not to mention needing a budget of $500,000 to actually modify the thing completely.

Speaking of mods, my licence plate doesn't work properly for some reason. It sends my custom "GF1" plate, back to some random crap.


You could also store "other" cars in your garage, (like police cars...and just leave it at that) oh really well, no more.


Generally GTA Online is dreadful but honestly, at least try and make gamers happy with giving them wages when GTA V Online first came out (like $25,000 for Base Invaders!). Oh and $2,000 for good behaviour. Gee, thanks . THAT"S LIKE GIVING ME TWO DOLLARS.


The cars look awful as well. The Överflöd Entity XF is a mix of Koenigsegg and Carerra GT (I just want a nice Agera R, maybe not a 100% identical thing but I know in GTA previously they've gotten some cars damn close to their real life counterparts, AND GOOD LOOKING!) Engines sound dreadful as well. When I got in a normal Buffalo I was already annoyed, but then I thought "hmm, maybe because it's not modified it doesn't give the roar like in TBOGT" so I go and customise everything completely and it still sounds like a feeble piece of sh*t.


Some more clothes and things as such would be nice, more garages and put the Laser P-996 on the Cache Carry website and speaking of planes maybe some WWII planes. GTA San Andreas had the Messerschmitt me109G "Rustler" why not something like that in GTA V (and with a bit of power please, propeller planes in GTA V barely take off or unless you're constantly holding down RT (or...R2?) then it will just fall out of the sky).


Not to mention loading the 'effing online system. First, go to online, sometimes it works the other times it times out, cannot connect, unable to connect to session on and on of non stop bullsh*t Rockstar Server excuses. Also, when on the mission select screen (after completing a mission) it sends me back to the game instead of actually being with the people that selected the next mission.

Ironically as I write this, my GTA Online loading is well...loading NON STOP says loading GTA Online, and all there is, is an image of Simeon standing smug in front of his dealership.


I would even go to the effort to boycott Rockstar, but that's a bit too much.


Hell, me and my friend have done something called #RockstarApproves and that's a hashtag we put with pictures of glitches, textures not loading, unfair or not right things (like games not loading). I recommend other people should do it also.


Rockstar, pick up your game, we all certainly have and we've most likely had enough of this bullsh*t we have to go through. (I know my friends are certainly sick of it!)


There needs to be more DLC, more cars more planes and boats. Turn 10 can put out (what is it 6 -10) cars per month, I have no idea what you guys are doing but probably something like thinking up ways of how we can make a good game INTO A MARKETING BUSINESS, is that what you do, make wages (mission pay) really low so we then are dragged into glitching money or getting your damn Shark cars?!

and something decent like $3,000,000 cost $64.95AUD


We all know LifeInvader is FaceBook and iFruit is Apple, and you make fun of them very clearly (like "No privacy" in the L.I. building not to mention killing their CEO, something I'd like to do to a lot of companies). Well, why not write something about yourself saying how much you've 'eff'd up?!

Let us choose what should be done, as we're the one's that play, you just sit back and make the stuff...worse, every update. WHERE'S THE ROOSEVELT! sure no one drove it, but why don't you go ahead and remove every car no one really drives like the Vapid Radius or minivans of crap quality!

(and speaking of iFruit and phones, why is it now SnapMatic always gets pulled up every time I pull up my phone?!?!) why can't we also just have a "delete all photos" option instead of waiting for 96 photos to load and slowly delete them! (More filters (like in replay mode) would be nice also.)


On a footnote, even with a silencer, cops somehow come from every damn direction, pretty much like GTA IV. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Even the cars felt and looked better in GTA IV.




- SS Obersturmführer

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The official bitch and whine thread is here -----> http://gtaforums.com/topic/700345-official-gtav-whine-and-complain-thread/

You can join the rest of the people who would rather complain about the game rather than play it.....

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