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Sunrise City #1 - The Sun - 1st Draft

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Thanks for reading! This is my first attempt at starting off this story I've been trying to flesh out. Sunrise City is loosely based on GTA: Online and follows the story of Markus Cole, originally from Los Santos, he and his older brother, Logan, were sent to live with their father in Liberty City when their mother passed, that was 10 years ago. But with his father's death last year, Logan chose to leave Markus behind to return to Los Santos and try to fund his brother's college tuition. 6 months later, Logan would be murdered, and a few weeks after that Markus would follow his brother back to Los Santos to make a real living, and attempt to investigate what happened to him.

That's the plain view of it, but the real story is about Markus, his crew, and the responsibilities of being a leader. How would a seemingly average guy handle being the leader of what could become an empire? So here it is in its first form, Sunrise City #1: The Sun

The Sun.

Can't say I hate it, better yet- it might be the only thing that's not fake about this town. So yeah, I like it. Sitting on my car, everything seems so simple. The sand, shifting in the breeze, never losing that golden tone. The sky, putting on it's signature look, brightening to wake up the city and say "Hey, you crazy f*cks- lets get movin.". Pretty soon the traffic'll start up, the college kids'll be getting up to come down here early- since it's a holiday. Hell, the tractors and old men are already combing the beach for lost "Treasure". Yarrgh. Yep, all so simple- until I look down at my phone again and see the message.

"URGENT: From M.M." And it all comes rushing back like a glass bottle across my head in a bar brawl. I think we f*cked up.

Nope, I know we f*cked up. Something told me, 'Not this one, hit another bank'- but a louder voice said 'One and Done'... And like the sh*thead I am- I listened. And here we are, a mob boss is probably gonna put a hit out on me if I run, or pull the trigger himself if I meet him. What am I talking about? It's not just me- it's probably my whole crew. Then again, knowing the vulture he'll probably off me and invite my crew to join up. I don't even remember where this all came from. I was just a guy from Liberty City, coming back home to Los Santos to make a quick buck. I can remember it clear as day.

I was on the plane, economy of course, peeking out of the window- waiting on that skyline to show up; when my brother's- late brother's girlfriend, Susan- but Suzie to everyone, started pecking at my shoulder. I didn't want her to follow me out here, but she paid her own way and said she could help- my big brother's widow- how could I say no? It doesn't help that she has the saddest puppy face I've ever seen either.

I swiped my headphones off my head and nodded to her.


"Hey now, just telling you- the captain said-" SCREEEEN, the overhead speaker screamed feedback and everyone aboard made a similar groan. Including me.

"Yo. We better be glad we got autopilit" It sounded like the captain was holding his breath.

"I hear you. Im. Fugged. UP. So stop bogartin and pass bruh." Between the noise of a bag crumpling, and him laughing the guy- probably the First Officer- was struggling to get out his scentence.

"Wait wait wait. You hear that?"


"Shh shh. stop talkin... - You hear it?" There was a long pause, around the cabin everyone from passengers to Attendants wore the same look of confusion.


"Every time I talk, I can hear another dude repeating me outside the door."

"Bruuuuh, I hear it repeatin me too!"

"Are you f*cking serious right now." Talking to myself, I finally realized what was going on.

"Ahhhh. Damn, I think it's the speaker." The captain was trying to whisper away from the microphone- obviously failing.

"Oh -what do we do?!"

"Uuuuh. This is your Captain Speaking." He was back at full volume with his best 'Captain-esque' voice, trying to own the situation.

"We are still at crusing altitude, but we will begin descent shortly. Uhhhh, oh - all passengers should return to their seats at this time, and thank you for flying Los Santos Air." and right before the mic cut off you could hear him whispering "Nailed it."

"Yeeeah. So Thats that... How're ya holding up?" she put a hand on my shoulder. I was still shaking my head from the display of idiocy that just took place over the loudspeaker, so my response was a bit slow.

"Good, good. What a brotha can't enjoy his own music?" I jokingly waved around my neck to my headphones while forcing the best smile I could- but she knew me too well. I HAVE known her since my brother brought her home way back in 2011, and it showed.

"Mark, I still don't think we should have left so soon. Logan just passed a couple weeks ago and I think you still need to deal with it." It was like I was behind an X-Ray, she could see I was still hurt back then. How was I supposed to feel? My last close relative, my only brother died because of me, or at least trying to help me.

But that was a long chain of sh*t finally coming to a close. It started back when our mom died- when we lived in Los Santos. I was a kid then, running around, getting in trouble. What's a 13 year old supposed to do when your only parent's in the hospital? And with only my brother as a role model -and not a very good one at that- I took to the streets, just like him. We had to keep the lights on somehow. Then, once mom was gone, our dad decided to speak up and ship us out to Liberty City, and from 04' until now, that was home. But Pop got us straightened out- the hard way, of course- got us back into the groove of school, got me into college, real progress. But the street life never really stops calling for you, it just fades a bit.

At that time, I worried about getting back into the street life again. Like I said, I was a kid in 04', but looking at everything that's happened- I wouldnt have it any other way. I was destined to end up right back at square zero.

I remember not talking much after Suzie found me out. I would just nod or agree with a weak chuckle at everything. I really was still processing my brother's death, not so much now, but then- oh yeah. She had a point.

I was in a rush to get out of one on one conversation with her, I essentially ran through Baggage Claim, just grabbing my Duffel bag of belongings and walking away- all in one motion. I would have forgotten Suzie even had bags if she didn't grab my arm to help her find hers.

It was a damn good thing I had asked Lamar to pick us up from LSX, and who else would I find standing right outside the airport? Leaned against a Jet Black Albany Manana, he was flipping off a security guard who was probably on the way to tell him to move his car; all the while walking towards me with the widest grin.

"M.C., my young nigga! What it do witcha boy?" That middle finger surprisingly transformed into a welcoming palm. I shifted my bag onto my back to greet him with a loud 'clap' while he patted me on the back.

"And you must be Suzie, homie told me you was a last minute ride along huh?" He waved to her, making a point about her not really being invited out here, but still managing to keep things light in that 'Lamar' sort of way he does. It's not that we didn't like her, we just wanted to keep things simple, things she probably wouldn't understand.

"Yeah, you know- couldn't let the puppy fly alone..." she grinned and stepped towards the car waving her bag at me and avoiding the situation altogether.

"She does know why you out here right?" Lamar spoke in a low tone so Suzie couldn't hear him as he tapped on his keyring remote and popped the trunk for her.

"Nah, but she will- I got it."

"A'ight then here-" he pulled a pistol from his belt and put an arm around my shoulder as we walked over to the car, where Suzie had the back passenger door open sitting inside and using the cabin lights with a mirror to fix strands of her auburn hair. I hurriedly tucked the pistol into my own, and whispered to him

"Whoa! I'm not gonna f*cking kill HER!" I opened the front door

"Niiiiigaaa, that's for the streets. You might've changed, but LS sure as hell aint. Least not the part that matters..." He laughed and walked to the driver's door. "Don't worry mof*cka, it's untraceable." he sat down and continued to chuckle at my expense, all the doors closed almost in unison and we were off.

"You got a place to stay?" the radio was turned down low, but I could still hear the commercials.


And that's all for now! Tell me what you thought. I really considered leaving out the whole "Pothead Pilots" thing for a more serious tone, but after remembering how much I loved the music video for Foo Fighter's "Learn to Fly" and how dope Soul Plane was, I was like "Fuggit". I'd really like comments on the tone of the story, I really went for a semi-comedic/introspective feel. If people like It, I can feel confident enough to start on the rest.

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