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How to integrate alternatives to oil based plastic into society.

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Awhile back I learned about a new type of biodegradable plastic made from chitosan, the material that shrimp use for their shells, and it got me thinking about ways to help with the epidemic of plastic pollution.


Obviously, it has to be cost effective or smaller businesses could not afford to choose this over the cheap oil based plastic(you can buy 10 800 bag cases with smiley faces for $26.4 each, or $264), so how do we achieve this?


I was thinking of a system wherein seafood restaurants or industries try and keep the shells so that they may be sent to processing plants that can turn them into plastic. This plastic could then be used to make bags or many other products, and sold to businesses that may want to use them.


There's, obviously, several different ways of achieving this. First, is to hope that their is enough of a demand for this type of product (highly doubtful) that the free-market picks up on this and corporations work together to help clean up their own act. This would set up a new sort of competition between the seafood industry and oil companies competing over sales of plastic. Who would think that that could be a possibility?




A government sponsored program that takes waste shells, processes them, and then sells them at reduced prices to those businesses that originally donated their shells and then sell any leftovers to other businesses at a price similar to that of oil based products. This would incentivize their recycling and donation, but obviously gives an advantage to any businesses that deal with seafood because they get a deal on their plastic.




Same government sponsored program processes shells efficiently enough that they are already at a competitive price so that no subsidization is needed. This is a good scenario so that tax-payers don't have to pay even more, though businesses are still being helped out by the taxpayer.....which is not ideal because it's still somewhat of a government sponsored bailout. Though, that can be looked over because at least its for a cause that helps make the world a little less polluted.


I'm kind of pooped out on this idea right now. I'm just kind of throwing it out here for discussion so that others can build upon it. I know it's not the most well planned out idea but I just would like to get the idea out there.


Have fun guys.

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The second and third are price fixing by the government, which nobody would allow. The first is the only one that could possibly happen, at least in the US, and it would only work if all oil disappeared and there was no other financial option.

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