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Looking for chill people to play with - PS3


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What's up.

I'm getting tired of the people in my friends list (not all of them) but if I don't interact with people regularly I replace them. Especially when I host events and stuff I need room for more friends.



For Playstation3, obviously. My PSN is FckAllYalll (That's three L's)

I have a mic, I'm usually with my 2nd in command Chunky0297.


I host events on a regular basis, I'm Crew Leader of a dominating click. I am always looking to recruit new skilled gamers. But all in all i'm just looking for another homie to cruise with when I'm all by my lonesom.

  • 18+
  • Reefer friendly

Add Me: FckAllYalll


Edited by FckAllYalll
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Add me: vassi_mackk



add me . Psn - Imerr702



add me: killer__007__


Cool. I'll add y'all when I sign on in a couple hours.

You guys should come to the Fight Club tonight.


Nightly, starts @10:00pm (Central Time)

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My name is Nimtheriel on psn if anyone wants to add me



fckallyalll ! Ill roll with you! Were already friends online! whats up with the meet



Add me---- lilchondo_69 :lol::lol:



FR sent, klckass-1


Cool, got y'all added.

Car meet will be in an hour. If you've added me I'll invite you.

This one won't be a Closed Friend Session - i'm gonna do Invite Only.

So, if you don't get the announcement holla at me for an invite.

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