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Gaming PC for advanced games


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Hi, I am looking for a gaming PC, which can run GTA V, the max price is 1000 dollar.

I think it is should run Gta 5, Sims 4, The Crew and Watch Dogs.

Thanks for answers

Edited by elias7001
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What country will you buy the PC in?

Are you going to overclock the CPU?

Edited by yojo2


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Can you link to your preferred online PC part shops? That'd help a lot.


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And also mention if you need an OS or peripherals, please.

Edited by killerbee25
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Well, I'm just saying it would be much easier if we knew what's available in your preferred stores and how high are the prices.


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That HP system has really good specs, except for the graphics which is too weak for gaming. But for other things like photo or video editing, it's the prefect setup. For basic browsing and other simple light task, that system is overkill.

Does your local shop have a site?

If there isn't than, configure your build based on what's out there currently.



There's only 2 choices, Intel or AMD. AMD are mostly cheaper so if your on a budget get a AMD.

For AMD get at least a 6 cores like the AMD FX 6300

For Intel, get a Core i5 that runs on socket 1150. Doesn't matter which one as long as it's socket 1150. Just don't get them S models, they run at a lower TDP, but to do so, they run at the slowest clock speed as possible.



AMD boards need to get one that runs on socket AM3+

Intel, get one that runs on socket 1150. There are 2 current chipsets for this H97 and Z97. Z97 supports multi-gpu setup as well as overclocking. To overclock a CPU, you must get one with a K on it. like Core i5 4690K.

These current boards tend to be more expensive as some support the latest technology like M.2 and SATA Express. If money is tight then opt for a board that uses the Intel B85 chipset.

Multi-GPU setup are AMD Cross Fire X and Nvidia's SLI, to run this setup, the board you picked must have at least 2x PCIe x16 slots. For CFX it's more flexible where cards can run at x16/x4. For SLI it needs a board that can do x8/x8



Get 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600, you may go higher, but max support for these CPU is DDR3 1600



Nvidia at least a GTX 760 and up

AMD R9-270 and up

Edited by Stinky12
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