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For all you psycho's out there


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Psychopath Militia




Hi there, i've been playing GTA for a while now I have been trying to find a crew for ages, but they are either dead, or way too damn serious. Especially the mc's or roleplay thing. This sh*t is not for me. As much as i want to play seriously, have fun doing teamwork, I cant fin anything like that. Most of the people play with the same guys over and over again because they like to play with each other and they are good together. So i came up with this idea.


I wanted to create a clan that everyone would play and have fun whatever the hell they wanted to do,but in teams, so I based the structure of the crew like this.


There is 2 ways you can apply to the crew:


As a Squad:

People who apply as a squad will have to vote for a team leader, each member of the squad will be promoted as representatives, and the team leader will be promoted as lieutenant.

The minimum member requirement for the squad is 3, Each squad will determine their crew vehicule. It can be anything.



As Free agents:


People who get in the crew as free agents will need a merryweather mesa or a karim rebel, ( clean or rusted )

Doesn't need to be upgraded. You can also be recruited by one of the squads already in place. You will stay members as long as you are not in a squad. As soon as you are in a squad you can be promoted.

If for example there is 4 free agents, you can get together and create your own squad, determine your squad leader.


The whole idea of this crew is to reinforce team work, communication and have lots of fun. You can do missions only, races only, Death matches, Freeroam Chaos. Whatever you guys wants to do. As long as you are not alone doing it.


If this is the kind of crew you want, well, dont wait much longer,


Add Basick-_- On psn





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