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GTA possibly forget 1 loose end?


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When Michael killed Rocco, Rocco happened to be a made man before the GTA 5 events of 2013. So mabey I'm not fully up to date on what happened to the Anceloti family, mabey Niko wiped them out, but for Tony and Luis to be keeping up errand boy for the old man's nephew to me indicated their level of power. So that being said, could there possibly be one link, that the 3 protagonists forgot about? Not 100% sure on facts, so include please. That would suck to have one of LC's most powerful crime families coming after your little fraction of crew members including Ron, Lamar, etc. Especially when you don't even trust each other.

Oops phones spell chick

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I think rocco cut ties to the ancelotis before he went to alas. And even then, weren't they the weakest family in IV second to the pegorrinos? They probably got wiped out before V's events.

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According to Weazel News, no one knows who killed Rocco Pelosi. He would be a weak antagonist, even weaker than Harold Joseph Stretch.

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Weazel News thinking no one knows doesn't mean no one knows. They also thought the FIB Heists are training events and Monkey Business a perfume heist :p


that said, I agree with you him being weak... using Rocco for ANY new storyline would be bad. he's such a bad character. there are far better ways to make a new story threatening Michael lol

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They made him weak in GTA 5, in GTA 4 he was an idiot, but an idiot with threatening protection short distance, so it made people think 4 times before attempting to kill him. As for a weak character, it wouldn't be an emotional attempted hit, like sweet revenge with the lost. It would probably be pure business, and out of respect and reputation to keep certain traditions. That is what the mafia does right? It wouldn't be quite so "f you stretch, you set us up" or "f you Michael you betray our world we had to gether!" It would just be a attempted mob hit, or a series of attempted mob hits. BTW who says he completely cut all mafia connections? If he talked to anyone about the "Fat old jackass" who cut his deal short, then I don't know man. Just hoping that Rockstar doesn't cater to the trailer loving giddie 12 year old crowd. Come to think of it... at 13 I played GTA for the first time, SA was it. and I loved the story the best, not the jet packs, lol. Now 18.

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Detective Phelps

Rocco left the mob, and no one knows who killed him.

Michael should be safe. :)

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Just as in GTAIV where the families automatically blame each other for any misfortune, the Ancelottis would do exactly the same over Rocco. If anyone even cared at all. Wouldn't Giovanni Ancelotti be well into his 80s and most likely dead?

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