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Not sure if caused by this mod, seem to be getting random crashes and they all happen during the black screen when entering/leaving interiors mission cutscences


Game crashed unfortunately, here's a crash log:
Current process ID: 6128
Current thread ID: 6164
Last file to be loaded: D:\Games\gta\modloader\insanity weapons\pickups\money.dff
Last library loaded: C:\WINDOWS\system32\QuickTime.qts
Exception address: 0x0040890A ("gta_sa.exe"+0x890A)
Exception code: 0xC0000005
Inaccessible memory address: 0xA

General registers:
EAX: 0x00A7AA00 (10988032)
EBX: 0x0000000C (12)
ECX: 0x00A8E8B0 (11069616)
EDX: 0x042BAE3D (69971517)
ESI: 0x008E4CAC (9325740)
EBP: 0x00000000 (0)
ESP: 0x0177F574 (24638836)
EIP: 0x0040890A (4229386)
EFL: 0x00010282 (66178)

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SA_LODless 1.1.8






Are there any bugs?
- While loading the game, when the loading bar reaches the end there will be a few seconds of waiting before entering in game. This will take longer if you have texture mods installed.
- When entering an interior and the game plays the animation of entering through the door, you won't see any buildings as LODs are by default loaded. Hopefully sorting this problem will be as simple as _DK's binthesky.cs script along with the problem above.

What's fixed since last version?
- Replaced laelodpark02.dff with its HQ version (required for main.scm)
- Replaced lodcrackfact_sfs.dff with its HQ version (required for main.scm)
- Replaced lodcrane_m_01.dff with its HQ version (required for main.scm)
- Replaced lodcrane_m_04.dff with its HQ version (required for main.scm)
- Replaced lodnocrane_01.dff with its HQ version (required for main.scm)
- Replaced lodnocrane_02.dff with its HQ version (required for main.scm)
- Replaced lodnocrane_03.dff with its HQ version (required for main.scm)
- Fixed missing collision for lae2_blockN.dff in LAe2.ipl
- Fixed missing collision for barrio6B_LAe2.dff in LAe2.ipl
- Brought back missing vgSbikeschl01.dff & vgSbikeschl05.dff in vegasS.ipl
- Added numerous DFF, COL fixes (Notably for LA & SF)
- Parked Cars are back. Also includes parked car locations from PS2 version
- Smaller gta3.img archive size (removed more LODs)
- New batch installer

How do I install this?
- Drag & Drop to the root to where your Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is installed
- Double Click. Wait to finish. Game on!

- NOTE: You need to install this on a clean copy of GTA SA



How does this new Batch Installer work?

The batch script will now pick up if you have either Modloader, SAMP or both installed. If you have Modloader installed it will copy and install SA_LODless into its own folder in the folder modloader. If SAMP is installed along with modloader it will copy SAMPCOL.img to the mod folder in modloader for compatibility with SAMP. If none of them are installed it will install the mod the old fashion way and will make a backup of everything that has been modified!


What is 'LoadMap.cs'?

LoadMap is a cleo script which includes the binthesky fix by @DK22Pac, increases ped/vehicle LOD distances & preloads the map before you spawn. If you want more control over these, download LoadWholeMap & MixSets by @Junior_Djjr


What else is included in this version? Is this compatible with SAMP?

This version comes with III.VC.SA.LimitAdjuster.asi as it is compatible with SAMP! Also included is SALodLights.asi! This as well includes a 4GB Patcher that patches gta_sa.exe to allow a maximum of 4GB of streaming memory. This will also create a backup of the executable!

@ThirteenAG - Project2DX, III.VC.SA.LimitAdjuster.asi

@LINK/2012 - Project2DFX, Modloader, III.VC.SA.LimitAdjuster.asi
@DK22Pac - binthesky
@fastman92 - fastman92 IMG Console, fastman92 processor
Igor Pavlov - 7zip

Daniel Pistelli - 4GB_Patch

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