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Bungie Vs Rockstar

The 17th Ninja

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The 17th Ninja

Bungie is advertizing that in Destiny there will be Raids.


Rockstar Advertised that there would be Heists before the Game launched, much like Destiny is talking about the Raids.


Almost a year later, still no Heists.


Destiny launches next week, and I am willing to bet that unlike R*, the feature they advertise for will actually BE in the game.


The point of this post is this:


You fail, you lie, and you let down.

When Heists finally comes out, I wont care. I will be Raiding on a game developed by a company that doesn't lie to sell their game.


P.S. F* the Bitch and Moan Topic, we all know it exists to bury any negative opinion of R* and GTA V/O in 1000's of pages that nobody will ever read because its a Pain in the back cheeks just to sort through all the Troll's and Tards essentially useless comments trying to find a post with an intelligent argument.


P.S.S. I find it funny that the Destiny Beta was more stable than GTA:O. Enjoy God-Mode Griefers! Don't worry, they will be back.


F* U* R*

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Bitch and Moan, yadda yadda. Now that we've beaten that wannabe mod post out of the way before the Mod Wannabes show up, personally, I think the thing with heists isn't that it was unintentional, but rather a delay on the platforms to milk the game for all its worth, then release it on the current gen consoles and make more money. But at this point, anyone who gets excited over heists when they are released will be in for some heavy letdowns. Too much hype and we've seen what hype can do to ruin a game's appeal.

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This belongs in the bitch and moan topic. The reason is because you're bitching and moaning and spamming the forums at the same time. At least if its in the correct thread we can all avoid it much easier and posts actually worth reading (very few of those exist) wont get pushed to page 2.

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F.Y.I. I played the Destiny beta... Joo ever play DUST 514?


That was is pretty much Destiny. Destiny also has invisible walls. If destiny is an MMO... so is GTA online.


And you're playing Destiny on the wrong system. LOL. (JOKES but PS3 has the exclusive.)

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So get off gtao and go play Destiny. Problem solved. And the bitch and moan topic is for burying negative opinions on R*? You're about as sharp as a pillow ain't ya? You actually think R* visits these forums? I don't know what's more amusing, your idiocy or your Bungie fanboyism. Get over yourself. Also, please delete your account for the forums while you're leaving please.

Edited by StaticLW

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It's funny because a day before GTA V's yearly anniversary is a tuesday. And you know how important Tuesdays are to people..

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