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Fanatical Force Recruiting Now


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Fanatical Force is Looking New Members

We are a group of specialized volunteers who focus on hunting bounties, doing missions, teamwork, having fun and mainly friendship.

Our crew is lenient and members can partake in any activity they feel they perform best in. We welcome all ranges of ability or skill.

As far as a crew vehicle, we prefer cars like Canis Mesa and Bravado Buffalo in the colors matte black, classic black or crew color.

There is no specific dress code.

Mature players are preferred, and anyone who constantly griefs others or their own crew members will be booted.

Our crew color is BLUE

We are based in various time zones, mostly Eastern (US) and are fairly active, mostly coming online at least once a day for a generous length of time.

Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/fanatical_force

Crew Website: http://fanaticalforce.enjin.com/

Platform(s): Xbox 360

Contact Information: [email protected]

Or Contact Br0k3nMachin3 (Founder / Leader)


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