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Grand Theft Auto V: Alternative Endings


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(B) Franklin's cell phone rings


Michael De Santa

Man we f*cking did it!

Franklin Clinton

For sure man, sh*t. I can't believe we managed to pull that off!


It almost killed me but we did it.


We might of did it but what are we gonna do about all the other fools trying to clap our asses?


Yeah like Trevor, the FIB, Merrywheather...


We can find a way out dog.


A way out!? The last time I tried to find a way out I ended up right f*cking here!


There's always a way out man. It might not be the cleanest resolution ever but sh*t, do what you gotta do.


Can you come over and we can sort all this out?


Yeah sh*t fine man, I'll be over soon.



(Franklin hangs up his cell phone)








(B) Family chatting about how it is great to be back together


(Michael is sitting on the couch with his family around him)




Amanda De Santa

I think it's great we can all reconnect again

Jimmy De Santa

Yeah, I kinda actually like you guys now


This is the dream I-






(Michael's sentence is cut short by the sound of someone kicking open the door)


(Tracey screams)



Well well well, if it isn't Michael Townley and his family.


(Michael stands up from couch guarded)


Amanda take the kids and get out of the house.


Kids, come on.



(Amanda and the kids stand up and walk nervously out the backdoors of the house)



I see you've got your family back.


Yeah, what are you here for T?


I'm here to do what I should've done a long, long time ago.

(Michael reaches for his pistol but Trevor shoots him first in the chest Michael collapses)



You slimy motherf*cker! I don't know how I didn't see it! I grieved for you!


(Michael bleeding from chest props himself up with his shoulder)


I had two young kids! I had to get out of the game man!




And leave me to believe one of my best friends was dead and the other was in prison!


(Trevor aims pistol at Michael's head)



I loved you like a brother Michael and all you did was betray me! You deserve what's f*cking coming to you!


(Franklin enters living room)



Oh sh*t Trevor what the f*ck!?



I'm tying up loose ends stay out of it kid!


He's deranged Frank!


I loved you like a brother Mikey!



(Trevor increases pressure on trigger)



Trevor don't do it he's you're best f*cking friend!


He betrayed me and Brad!


After all the things you two have been through, and his kids man, you're like and uncle to them!

(Trevor screams)



No! I can't do it!

(Trevor drops his gun and sits down on the couch crying into his hands)

(Michael picks up the pistol and aims it for Trevor)



See you in hell Trevor!


Sh*t Michael no!


(Michael fires the whole clip into Trevor)


Couch tips over, Trevor hits the ground limp blood gushing from his wounds




Michael, what the f*ck!?

(Michael slumps over on the floor his eyes close)


(Franklin shocked by the situation)



Oh sh*t, oh sh*t! What the f*ck man!


The room is filled with smoke from the gunshots and is now eerily silent. The late evening sun pokes through the windows. Sirens can be heard in the distance as Franklin ducks out the backdoor. Sirens creep closer as Franklin hops the fence and lands on the sidewalk outside of Michael's House.





Police and paramedics can be seen pulling into the driveway and rushing into the house.





Thank you for reading this. This is just an idea I had of an alternate ending to the wonderful Grand Theft Auto V story. Feel free to comment about it or post alternative endings of your own!

Edited by OG_TWERK
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Good read. But does Michael die/go to prison at the end?


Because if he goes to prison that could open up a whole nother chapter for an SP DLC.

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That's up for the player to decide, or does Michael have the balls to fake his own death again?

Edited by OG_TWERK
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I didn't really get much from this. It felt a little forced and a bit over-the-top. Michael killed Trevor previously because he had no choice, and while Trevor shooting Michael seems like something he would do, I always believed that no matter how deranged he was, he was always honest and up front. Instead of killing Michael, Trevor just leaves him well enough alone in the end. Even when Franklin in the alternate choice, tells Trevor he's going to kill Michael, Trevor is disgusted and cuts contact.


So him showing up like this didn't really do it for me.

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Good sh*t. It seems like a likely outcome, and the dialogue fits each character well. You should post this on the official R* GTA V forums somewhere.

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  • 3 months later...

Good read man. You really captured the actual characteristics of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. This ending looks like it could bring a tear to die hard GTA V fans. Option A and B was just Meh... but this would've been a great finale. Here's my attempt.


*On the phone*

Michael: We did it kid, we f*cking did it. The Big One!


Franklin: Hell yea dog. We did it but the storm ain't over dog.


Michael: What do you mean?


Franklin: sh*t dog, it's something I gotta tell you in person.


Michael: Okay, want me to tell Trevor and Lester?


Franklin: Yea man. We'll meet at over at Kortz Center, by the maze.


Michael: Okay kid. See you there.


Franklin: A'ight man.




Franklin is the first one to arrive, then came Trevor along with Wade, and then Michael with Lester.


Trevor: Frankie my boy! Wassup homie.


Franklin: Hey T, what's good homie.


Trevor: This is my business partner slash sex slave Wade.


Wade: Yeah I'm W- wait what?


Michael: Franklin?


Franklin: Hey man.


Trevor: Whoa, who invited the back-stabber and his handicapped friend?


Michael: Give it a rest T.


Trevor: Don't call me T you ungrateful prick.


Franklin: Yo can you two please stop!? There's something I gotta tell you guys if you could a second from bickering like two high school girls.


Michael: Alright fine, what is it?


Franklin: Well... Devin Weston knocked on my door and told me to kill you Mike. About a week ago, Steve Hains and Dave Norton told me to kill Trevor. I ain't say sh*t but I can't clap my homies man. We gotta do something.


Trevor: How about we all commit suicide, you first Mikey.


Michael: Bite me. It looks like we gotta take them out before they take us out. Hey Lest, anything you can do to help us?


Lester: I could tap in the records to get their locations nut it will take some doing.


Michael: Okay, let's just hope they don't try to turn anyone else on us.


Unknown voice: I wouldn't say that M.


Franklin: Aw sh*t man.


Michael: You f*cking kidding me? You Packie?


Packie: Hey man from what I hear, betrayal is a common this in your world M.


Trevor: Well you ain't wrong. You're here to kill Mike right? Not me?


Packie: I'm getting paid two million dollars for Mike from some rich guy asshole. That is one hell of a score, right Mikey?


Trevor: Well since I'm not the one to be killed by a generic goon, I'll just be on my way.


Trevor walks away but Wade notices a red dot on Trevor back and tries to push out of the way.


Wade: Hey Trevor, look out! *Bang*


Wade gets hit and dies almost instantly.


Trevor: sh*t! It's the Feds!


Michael reaches for his gun and shoots at Packie. The trio runs into the maze. Lester manages to get inside the building safely. The FIB scatter around the area hunting down Franklin and Trevor. Packie goes in hunting down Michael. Trevor and Franklin manage to kill off all of teh FIB agents but there's still one around.


Franklin: Damn man, that was heavy.


Trevor: Yeah, poor Wade. He didn't deserve that.


Franklin: I'm sorry about Wade man.


Trevor: Yeah me too.


Franklin: Oh sh*t, what about Mike?


Trevor: I don't know... I'm going in there. You in?


Franklin: Hell yeah man. We made it this far right?


Trevor and Franklin go back in the maze to save Michael. Trevor finds Michael but he is at gun-point by Packie.


Michael: Come on Packie, you don't have to do this.


Packie: It's kill or be killed in this M, you should know that. I ain't scared of death so I don't give a f*ck what happens.


Trevor: Good.


Trevor shoots Packie in the temple.


Michael: I wasn't expecting you to save me T.


Trevor: I've lost enough people in my life M. I'm sorry.


Michael: No I'm sorry, for everything.


Franklin runs to Trevor and Michael.


Franklin: Hey. So it's over?


Michael: It should be.


Trevor: I f*cking hope so, I'm getting too old for this sh*t.


Michael: Me too buddy.




Franklin goes down.


Michael: No!


Michael and Trevor shoot down the last FIB agent. Franklin is in bad condiction and says he can't make it. Meanwhile, Merryweather show up with choppers and a large unit of men. Franklin gets up limp.


Michael: f*cking Merryweather. What now?


Franklin: We gotta get outta here man.


Trevor: ...You guys leave, I'll fight them off.


Michael: What? T, no.


Trevor: I ain't gonna say it again Mikey. Take Franklin out of here and to a hospital. I should buy you enough time to leave.


Michael: ...T, I...


Trevor: Go M!


Michael: Alright.


Michael picks up Franklin and leaves. Trevor stays to fight off Merryweather. They get in a car and drive off, Franklin is losing a lot of blood. Up ahead is a road block of more FIB agents. They are trapped.


Steve Hains: Oh Frankie Boy. We have some unfinished business to discuss.


Franklin: Hey man, it's me they want. Imma get out and cause a distraction while you get outta here.


Michael:No Frank. We're in this together.


Franklin: I ain't trying to hear any of that, You got a family man. One of us need to live to tell the story and I guess it's you. Do me a favor... Tell my aunt and Lamar I love them.


Michael: Frank, please don't do this.


Franklin: Listen, you get outta here and not look back, okay?... Okay!?


Michael: ...Okay.


Franklin: A'ight. It's been nice knowing you man.


Franklin gets out and quickly draws his gun and fires at the agents causing them to shoot him down as Michael drives away. Michael gets back to his house and stays inside the car in the garage. He finds Franklins phone. He sends a simple text to Lamar and Denise "I'm sorry, Franklins dead. He loves you very much." Michael walks in the house and turns on the news. "Massive shoot out at the Kortz Center" Trevor was among the dead. Michael breaks down crying. Amanda walks in and asks what wrong. Michael runs to her and hugs her as he continues to cry. Meanwhile... at the Bureau.


Steve Hains: I understand this was a difficult decision. but you helped us bring down the most craziest f*cking guy in LS and you won't have to worry about him coming after you.


Wade: You sure?


Steve: Yes Wade, we'll put you in Witness Protection under a new name. No one will find you.


Back at Murrieta Heights


Lester: That's what you think Wade. You gonna tell Mike you're alive?


Trevor: He'll find out after a decade. I'm going back to Sandy Shores and never come back.


Lester: What about you Frank?


Franklin: sh*t I don't know. Maybe I'll go to Vice City or Liberty City.


Lester: Okay well if you ever got a score, you can always contact me. You too T.


Trevor: Well I guess this is goodbye friends.


Franklin: Yeah, for now...



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  • 3 months later...

Everything moves a bit too fast and unnatural, but I'm sure you could work on it and all.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I wanted to confuse the consumer. I felt confusion was better than a direct message like options A and B. I even confused myself whilst reading it again after a while. I hope you guys enjoyed it regardless of my spelling errors.

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I feel like I might change your story a little bit.

...(Michael stands up from couch guarded)


Amanda take the kids and get out of the house.


Kids, come on.


Well, well, Mikey...




Looks like we did it...How ya feelin?...Better than betraying huh?

(Trevor points a gun at Michael)


I grived for you, f*cking Judas!


Hey, what the f*ck T?


I should've done this years ago piece of sh*t! You were my best f*cking friend!


I did what I had to do. I didn't have a choice. You know that.

(Franklin walks in)


Dogs what the f*ck going on here?


Nothing to see here, kid. Just another day at the office.


Trevor what the f*ck you doin?


What the f*ck do you think I'm doing?

(As Trevor's talking to Franklin, Michael takes out his gun and shoots Trevor right the head)



I suck at writing, I know.

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