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Which properties suit the characters?

The Mysterious One

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The Mysterious One

Apart from the exclusive properties like the towing impound, Smoke on the Water and Downtown Cab Co. for Franklin, and the movie theaters for Michael, same with Oscar's airfield for Trevor, which properties do you think suit the characters the most?



Pitchers (For some reason; it's a nightclub, so I can somewhat see him running a place like that)



Los Santos Golf Club (I chuckle at the phone call after buying it; It was kind of a revenge thing on M's part because he complained how the people there treat him, but now he owns the place)



Hen House

Scrapyard (Though I could have Franklin own that property)

Tequi-La-La (Even though I bought it with Franklin)


I also had Michael buy Hookie's for some reason. I would have had Trevor buy it but it said that Franklin and Michael can only buy it, probably because The Lost MC have their turf around that joint and Trevor would be an instant target.


As for the Sonar Collections Dock, it didn't matter to me who owned it. I had Michael buy it in a couple of playthroughs, and in my most recent, I had Franklin buy it, mostly to make some serious bank from the toxic waste collection. I could have Trevor buy it in the next one.

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Prett much agree, except pitchers, trevor is more suited for that one imo...for some reason.


It's not just any "nightclub" you know.....

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The Mysterious One

I just realized that Pitchers is a club akin to Hercules, if you know what I mean. Oh well, I guess next run, I might have Trevor be the one who buys that club.

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T for everything that he can buy because he's the only one that even shows business interest


especially for the clubs and especially for a gay bar like Pitchers


only reason he can't buy the Chumash bar is probably cuz it's a Lost hangout lol


M just buying theatres and a country club or F just weed and taxi makes sense cuz they're pretty lazy

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