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SAF Swedish Armed Forces Gaming Community


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Aimed at Swedish player in the first place but also Scandinavian or Swedish-speaking players.
Over to Swedish.
SAF Swedish Armed Forces Gaming Community.
sorry for the bad translatien from swedish to english but not viliting the forum rules we have to have it in english, and yea google tanslate
We are a happy bunch that run of games was a GTA5 is, we are a Swedish gaming community, drive a lot in WW2 war thunder. heros and generla also pay day. are now looking for other Swedes who run GTA5 online, we will run the PC version, myself running right now ps3 iväntan on the PC version to come out, so you know to play with other Swedes to contact us.
to note, do not mix with the whole thing ourselves Gaming Community Defense Forces, we have nothing to do with them, know that they are running with the same name as us (internationally), we started as a War Thunder clan, but developed ourselves to the gaming community, because that other members played other games with.
link to the Rockstar game, SAF Gang (note, the SAF was busy from the fact that SAF0 while and with our name
Swedish Armed Forces
) om socialclub
our temspek server
Our requirements are simple:
Your use of TeamSpeak, is social and a team player.
Teamspeak can be found here http://www.teamspeak.com/ [/ url]
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Thanks for choosing GTAforums as a place for your recruitment! There are a few things that need to be addressed though, one being that this is a English speaking forum and extensive use of anything other than that is prohibited. Second is that you are missing a link to your crew on the Social Club.


So when your ready to re post this please do so but take into account what I've said above and correct the errors. Thank you.

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