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Older PC Chat


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Hey there, I was wondering if anyone has ever bought an older PC and put better parts into it? I was recently thinking of doing this, because I saw a video about building a basic PC for $100. Now, I am not a hard core gamer these days, all I really do is browse the internet, watch YouTube, and some times I do Photoshop here and there, so I think this $100 build could work out nicely.


Now I know somebody is gonna say "why not build a better PC?" or "you could get something even better if you increase your budget by xx amount". I am the type of person to use a system for years until they break up to the point where I cannot fix them anymore. I have fixed my families PC before, it's an eMachines T3604 (Celeron D 356 original CPU, 2GB RAM upgrade done by me, no GPU upgrade) and to this day it still works. We got it all the way back in December of 2006, when it originally shipped with Vista, and now it runs 8.1 with no problem! Here's a video:




I was thinking of buying this, for my bedroom. I could easily upgrade this, and maybe further down I'll buy a different system and upgrade that, too.


Thoughts on the purchase?


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I'm also the type of person who uses their system for years until it's doesn't work anymore or upgrade when I have to say a program or game requirements. But I'm not the type of person who will spend their money on outdated and ancient technology. With the money you're planning to upgrade that ancient hardware, you can save up and spend on a PC with at least some current technology. Some still have system running on socket 775 and DDR2 (l'm one of them), but spending money on this is a total waste.

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Unless you're a collector doing a period computer setup (think like, Macintosh II or Amiga 2000) there's no point wasting money on obsolete tech. DDR2 costs more and is slower than the newest stuff, and it only gets worse from there.

Edited by LeVelocar
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I don't want the newest stuff. I'm not looking for incredible specs.


I'm interested in older PC's and systems.

Edited by Android


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I bought a Dell D610 off of ebay, 3 years ago. I upgraded the processor and ram. It ran Windows 7 really well. I miss the keyboard on older laptops. Sadly that computer got water damaged. I might buy the comp again, I loved it.

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They don't seem as pricey any more, I would go for it if you really wanted to.


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My current PC was ok when IV was released. The game was playable. But I've been downgrading since then lol! Except OS of course.

Need new gfx card? I just found S3vision from 1995 haha. Sometimes I just fool around with the old hardware I have saved, and build strange set-ups. Should probably check all the HDs at some point...

Edited by Slave Boy


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I still own Creative Riva TNT 16GB PCI, with original box and everything. I wonder when it'll become a collector's item :p


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Mine is eMachines too! And it´s not my first :lol: Little better than yours.

Next time I go through my closet, I´ll make some sort of a list of the hardware and post it here.


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