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Labor Day Playlist available for download! (Xbox 360)

Elder Maxson

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If you wanna spend the final moments of Summer vacation GTA style, then feel free to download my "Labor Day Playlist".


These are 10 summer themed races that mostly take place around the Del Perro/Vespucci Beach areas.


1. RV Beach Trip: A non-checkpoint race from the desert to the Del Perro Pier parking lot (got some dislikes, mostly for the checkpoint issue)

2. Vespucci Air Race: Jet lap race over the beach neighborhoods. Expect to fly between buildings.

3. The Splash Zone: Boat race along the shoreline and through the Vespucci Canals

4. Bikes on the Beach: Simple bicycle race along the bike path.

5. Liberators of Vespucci: Monster truck race on the beach

6. Higgins Extreme Helitours: Helicopter race throughout Los Santos/Blaine County

7. Old but Gold: Sports Classic race from Del Perro to Chumash and back.

8. Dirt Devils: Dirt bike race along the beach.

9. Coast Guards: Kinda like Vespucci Air Race, but with police helicopters

10. Departures: Simple plane race simulating an airline departure from Los Santos Airport.



Feel free to download any of the individual races above by clicking on the titles. If you wanna do the whole playlist, click on the link below.



Link to playlist: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/playlists/playlist/dxxTer7CvEOkb_rJTrNhCQ



(I made this playlist in just 2 hours. I was out for the day, and I wanted to make this playlist in time for Labor Day.)

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Man... I thought this was an update.

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