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Escaping at 5 stars in the air is almost impossible


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I took my Golden AP Buzzard on a rampage, and quickly got 5 stars. After terrorizing Fort Zancudo, LS and the Prison, I made my getaway. But I just couldn't escape those f*cking Police Heli's, because they ALWAYS respawn close to you. Heck, they even respawned outside the map boundaries really far into the ocean. Same for the Lazer and Besra.

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If in Los Santos, land at the top of the Mile High Tower and hide in the level that has scaffolding above it; there may be a wave or two of police who drop in, but they should go away. If in the North, try for the sawmill; you can hide in the centre of it for a while, maybe long enough for them to lose your trail.

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That's a form of cheating by the game and happens randomly.

Sometimes you can easily escape and survive the chase for long, but usually, for me, it fails.

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Same for the Lazer and Besra.


Nope, its actually extremely easy to escape with the Lazer and Besra. The trick is to fly straight up to the ceiling and once you get there fly straight down to the ground and then repeat if needed. If you do that once or twice, you will escape, because you are changing elevation so quickly that the helis will either spawn way below you or way above you and they wont be able to see you. I do it all the time...literally every time I play V

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Last week I fly the Besra and I came too close to the ground when I was over Fort Zacundo so I been wanted. It was a hell to get rid of the stupid police choppers even if I was at the highest altitude the Besra could climb too (way over Mount Chiliad) but the choppers still spawned even on higher altitude, in front of the plane and they fly in same speed as the Besra. WTF is that for BS? However when I was south of the island and Los Santos (over the docks and airport) the police choppers stopped too spawn so the wanted level disappeared after a while. So I guess that they can't spawn there on that altitude?


IT WAS A F PAIN IN THE ASS and how can that be realistic? Stupid Rockstar!

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Make sure you have a lazer, go all the way into the air. Skydive down or parachute on a building, or just hide under the water. Hell, crash it full speed into the water.

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