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What is your one favorite vehicle?


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If you had to choose, what is your one favorite vehicle? For me it's the coquette classic edition. Second favorite would be Besra and third favorite Bati.

Edited by LetsPlayGTA
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Coquette. Sharp styling, incredible engine sound, fast , fun to throw around with twitchy enough handling that you can really have some incredible narrow misses and look like a total badass.

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In terms of looks,The Coquette Classic


In terms of Perfomance,The Elegy RH8,It gets the job done,But not only get the job done,It gives a you an icecream and gives you a an fellatio in the process.

Edited by Smesi.
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Zentorno for convenience sake (no getting shot from behind when I'm just driving somewhere lol.)


Panto because come on... tiny car is really fun.


Bati and Ruffian for stunting purposes!


Besra because I actually really enjoyed flying it in flight school. Shame it's so expensive lol.

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Not A Nice Person

Bifta and Panto for cars, Akuma for bikes, Besra and Vestra for planes.

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I still just love my carbo every time I get into it

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1) Massacro. Simply Beautiful



2) Panto.



3) Cog Cabrio


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If it had to be only 1 car it would be my Zentorno just becuase of the style, performance and protection from bullets, Elegy is a close second.

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Is this The Guy?

I'll probably be one of the only ones to say this, the Cheetah. Never sold mine and will never sell it.

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Deciding on one is difficult.

Banshee and Buccaneer are my favorites, but the Coquette and Sultan are also really close.

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If I could only have one car, Massacro.


One plane, Besra

One chopper, Buzzard


Don't really need anything besides those three.

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