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GTA V Secrets on YouTube


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Hi everyone,


I'm Warren Woodhouse and I've created a YouTube Channel for everyone. I'll be placing a special playlist into my new channel titled GTA V Secrets at http://youtube.com/gtavsecrets


Here, you can see my uploads (from my main channel) available at the top, along with (which I'm going to add), a new playlist which will be available for everyone to upload videos into (from your own channel).


This means that in the future, you can see all of the best and favourited GTA V secret videos on the channel. Only secrets will be included. This includes the following:


> Vehicles

> Characters

> Online Secrets

> Secrets (such as UFOs, etc.)

> Cutscenes (from multiple languages, with different results)

> How-To's/Tutorials/Strategy Guides/Walkthroughs/Playthroughs

> Livestreams (which covers the Online Secrets while playing with your friends or crews)

> Numbers

> Locations (Landmarks, Cities, Buildings, etc.)


and so much more.


This will happen shortly, for now, you can request what sort-of playlists you want to see, visit my contact form at http://bitly.com/warrencontact


You can also view my main YouTube Channel at http://youtube.com/warrenwoodhouse where you can see my GTA V videos and other videos that I've created or appeared in.



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