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Drifting car garage glitch?


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Haha no idea what to call this thread. I'm actually at work on my lunch right now, so I'm not very prepared. Yesterday I was playing online and bought a Huntley. For reasons that I don't know, I decided to not give it bulletproof tires and wanted to make fun of how low it was by giving it the drifting treatment. After shooting the tires and driving around for a bit, I took it back to my garage. I proceeded to take another one of my vehicles out, and when I came back about 10 minutes later I noticed my Huntley bounce a little tiny bit out of the corner of the screen. I walked over to it and saw that it didn't repair itself and the Huntley was still dropped down. I took my futo out and tried it and didn't work, only the Huntley. Needless to say, I haven't taken it out of my garage yet because it looks pretty awesome almost touching the ground in my garage haha. I have a picture that I took at home that I can upload later to show everyone, but has anyone else had this happen? Not necessarily with just the Huntley, because I don't see too many people having done that haha.

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Crunch McThornbody

I was round at my brother's earlier this week and playing GTA O with his character, went into his 2nd garage with stolen gang Tornados to sell noticed the one in slot 10 jumped a little, I got in and the suspension suddenly gave way and it crunched to the floor!


Never seen anything like it before.

Edited by Crunch McThornbody
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See that's what I thought too but I've already run into the hydraulics mod with my calvacade. This looked very different from that and my car wasn't thrashing around like it was possessed or floating like a UFO either lol. This looked very.... Legit? I don't know, this is interesting though. What I had happen wasn't like what McThornbody ran into but that sounds pretty crazy too!

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Thank you iCloud. Forgot I could just grab the pic this way while I'm at work. Here it is, take note that I only lowered it one time. You can tell though by where the "atomic" sits under the body. Sorry about the terrible quality.


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