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GTA V PC Could Soon Be "Cancelled"


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Marketing employee of Rockstar North said that GTA V PC was forced by rockstar to make because of demand, and that the game could stop being developed soon.


The dude who said that works at rockstar now and made the statement on his own marketing firm's website http://www.rantic.com


Fox interviewed Rantic's chairman for more info about Rockstar's future projects.


It's spreading and people on 4chan are starting to get really frustrated, I think we should go on a strike!!




UPDATE: The official website of Rantic is down.


Looks like too much traffic from angry GTA fans lol

Edited by mikerosero
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lol rockstar games would never do that it would be financial suicide and i don't believe they never wanted to release it on pc but did so due to high demand


i would think this was fake but now i think it's a trick

Edited by ZZCOOL
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The abstinence of "next-gen" news from Rockstar is getting ridiculous.

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I hope it's not cancelled, on the other hand i wouldn't be surprised :( But why ? Only silence,neverending silence and nothing more. Its the end of an era.

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The PC version has been in development since 2012, I doubt it would be cancelled, or delayed for another year.

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Lelouch The Zero

Fake. I swear, you people will fall for anything. It's coming this year, and it will not be delayed.

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I couldn't care if it is because I'm not fixing to buy it, but if it is cancelled, another example of Rockstar promising more than it can deliver.

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OP, please don't start topics based on speculation .


You can discuss the subject here--> http://gtaforums.com/topic/734958-speculation-gtav-pc-cancellation-delay-of-next-genpc/




Edited by Barefoot Tiger
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