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Help with Roleplaying


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Sorry if this topc is in the wrong place, i thought it would fit here as i need help with it.


So let me start off by saying the last time i roleplayed online was in World of Warcraft, some 5 years ago.

I don't have a character made up yet for it or any back story so it's a completely clean slate to work with, I'm thinking of a twenty something male, small time theif (store holdups) who has a habit of getting himself in way over his head with big jobs when his friends ask, they all made it big but live very dangerous lives, he is more low key and only gets involved when its absolutely necessary to help out his friends.


Let me know what you think, Post ideas to help and post your own RP story/history/character/s to help me out please :D




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immature shitposter

make a female character and give her a name and likes and dislikes and parade her pixels ALL OVER the forum and never refer to yourself. It's not your car, it is 'Amy's car' ;^)

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I like his reluctance, puts taking on phone jobs in context! My character is searching for someone which gives mes reason to do all the gang attacks, also was f*cked over by the government when young so has an innate hatred for all police


A little bit of history can give online a nice twist and good reason to play

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