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The Crisis in Iraq (Islamic State)

GKS Sahara

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As I'm sure you all know, there is a growing issue via terror threat in the middle east with the problem of ISIS also simply known as the Islamic state. More recently the US commissioned 101 airstrikes as of August 27th, 2014.


Current crisis status (08/27/14): The US is continuing their air campaign and is doing reconnaissance observations over Syria.


Timeline of events:

US Pulls out of Iraq

  • 2011 December - US completes troop pull-out.

    Unity government faces disarray. Arrest warrant issued for vice-president Tariq al-Hashemi, a leading Sunni politician. Sunni bloc boycotts parliament and cabinet.

  • 2012 - Bomb and gun attacks target Shia areas throughout the year, sparking fears of a new sectarian conflict. Nearly 200 people are killed in January, more than 160 in June, 113 in a single day in July, more than 70 people in August, about 62 in attacks nationwide in September, and at least 35 before and during the Shia mourning month of Muharram in November.
  • Nearly 200 people are killed in bombings targeting Shia Muslims in the immediate wake of the US withdrawal.

  • 2012 March - Tight security for Arab League summit in Baghdad. It is the first major summit to be held in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein. A wave of pre-summit attacks kills scores of people.

  • 2012 April - Oil exports from Iraqi Kurdistan halted amid row with central government over contracts with foreign firms.

  • 2013 September - Fugitive Vice-President Tariq al-Hashemi is sentenced to be hanged for murder. He sought refuge in Turkey after being accused of running death squads.

  • 012 November - Iraq cancels a $4.2bn deal to buy arms from Russia because of concerns about alleged corruption within the Iraqi government. The purchase, signed in October, would have made Russia the country's second-largest arms supplier after the US. Moscow was the main arms supplier of to Saddam Hussein.

Violence intensifies

  • 2012 December - President Jalal Talabani suffers a stroke. He undergoes treatment in Germany and makes some progress through the winter and spring.
  • Sunni Muslims stage mass rallies across the country over several months, protesting against what they see as marginalisation by the Shia-led government.
  • 2013 April - Troops storm a Sunni anti-government protest camp in Hawija near Kirkuk, leaving more than 50 dead and prompting outrage and clashes in other towns.

    Insurgency intensifies, with levels of violence matching those of 2008. By July the country is described as being in a full-blown sectarian war zone once again.

  • 2013 July - At least 500 prisoners, mainly senior al-Qaeda members, escape from Taji and Abu Ghraib jails in a mass breakout.

  • 2013 September - Mass killing at Camp Ashraf housing Iranian exiles - members of the People's Mujahedeen Organisation of Iran.

  • Regional parliamentary elections in Iraqi Kurdistan, won comfortably by Kurdistan Democratic Party.

    Series of bombings hits Kurdistan capital Irbil in the first such attack since 2007. Al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq says it was responding to alleged Iraqi Kurdish support for Kurds fighting jihadists in Syria.

  • 2013 October - Government says October is deadliest month since April 2008, with 900 killed. By the year-end the UN estimates the 2013 death toll of civilians as 7,157 - a dramatic increase in the previous year's figure of 3,238.

  • 2013 December - At least 35 people killed in twin bombing of Baghdad churches on Christmas Day.

Islamic Surge

  • 2014 January - Pro-al-Qaeda fighters infiltrate Fallujah and Ramadi after months of mounting violence in mainly-Sunni Anbar province. Government forces recapture Ramadi but face entrenched rebels in Fallujah.
  • 2014 April - Prime Minister Al-Maliki's coalition wins a plurality at first parliamentary election since 2011 withdrawal of US troops, but falls short of a majority.
  • 2014 June - Sunni rebels led by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) surge out of Anbar Province to seize Iraq's second city of Mosul and other key towns. Tens of thousands flee amid reports of atrocities. Iran and the US offer assistance.
  • ISIS renames itself the Islamic State, declares Islamic caliphate covering Syria and Iraq.
  • 2014 August - Islamic State conquers several Kurdish-held towns.

    US jets strike jihadist positions.

    Thousands of people from the Yazidi minority flee on to Mount Sinjar to escape Islamic State militants.

    President Masum asks Haider al-Abadi to form a government, in a move Nouri al-Maliki describes as a coup.

(Via BBC news)



More recently VICE news made a documentary covering the issue. Its worth watching as it is shocking yet interesting.




Edited by Vishnu1111
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If only I saw that as I looked for it 20 mins ago. Well, looks like I wasted my time. Mods can lock this now :(

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Nice first post, anyway :^:


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