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Hair Alpha Problem


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Hello there! I have a problem with textures with alpha. Some parts of the skin behind the hair are invisible. I've tried to move textures with alpha to the bottom in TXD Workshop but the problem still persists. Some say that the materials that use alpha have to be moved to the bottom of a list in 3DS Max. Which list is it? And how to access it? Or is there any other work around?


The textures looks OK in 3DS Max render, but in-game it looks like this:




Any help would be very appreciated. Sorry for my bad English.

Edited by FeisalAR
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  • 2 weeks later...

I have solved this problem. If anyone happens to get this problem, here's how I solved it:

  • In material editor, select the material, then in "Maps" rollout, check "Opacity", and click "None", then select bitmap, then choose an image that you're going to use as alpha. Then, In "Bitmap Parameters" rollout, set mono channel output to "Alpha", and alpha source to "None (Opaque)". Don't forget to assign the material to your object.
  • Here's the most important bits. Attach all objects into one by selecting an object that doesn't use alpha, then in "Editable Mesh" modifier, select "Element". Then, in "Edit Geometry" rollout, click on "Attach". Then, attach the object to other objects that do not use alpha textures first. In my case, I attach the hair after all other objects has been attached. In attach options, set "Match Material to Material IDs" (option #2). Don't attach any of them with "Skin_Mesh" while doing this.
  • After all objects have been merged into one, attach it to "Skin_Mesh", then assign the vertices to the bones and export as usual.
  • In TXD Editor, make sure "Alpha is used" is ticked and then import alpha textures, and "Compressed" is ticked. Also, make sure each texture named correctly.
  • (Optional) In some cases, if your skin has a double-sided bit (i.e robe, cape, hair), it might be invisible if you look it from behind/other side. To fix this, you have to clone the part that has double sides by selecting it and click Edit -> Clone, select copy and rename it so you know that it's the copy. Select your cloned object and in "Editable Mesh" modifier, select element and select all of them (Ctrl+A). In "Surface Properties" rollout, in "Normals" section, select "Flip". When attaching the objects, make sure the copy with flipped normals is attached first before the original.

Using SA::Render also seems to fix it without messing with the materials. But, I don't think it's the ideal solution for now because currently SA::Render isn't compatible with every system configurations yet and I'm going to share the mod.


I hope this solution is going to be useful to all fellow modders. Better solutions and suggestions also welcome.

Happy modding! :D

Edited by FeisalAR
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