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No more jobs


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As of today I am unable to do jobs of any kind. Calling contacts leads to the "I have nothing at the moment"-message, my job lists are completely empty saying things like "You have not yet unlocked missions." and there are no job icons on the map either, so I can't even get into races, parachute jumps and similar stuff. Only sports activities seem to be unaffected. Everything else is just... gone.


Does anybody else have this problem?

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Captain BlaKe I

Yeah I'm having the same problem R* should stop doing stupid maintenance after they release a Major update and make sure everything is Good before the Update.

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Any answers to this? I've got the same issue - no icons, no calls, can't join random missions, can't select them form the job menu.


My new toon just got the call from Ron, so I figured I had to go do the cutscene - did that - nada.

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Same here. :/

Bloody hell - it's across multiple accounts, as well - so it's not just a glitch on that character. Looks like R* is doing some tweaking on contact missions - I knew this new payout system was too good to last... I was making a killing doing missions I enjoyed - I really hope R* isn't kicking us back to the days of endless RR...

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Same going on here... I was so close to breaking level 100 which was my goal today but I'm about 10k RP shy. Gonna have to do a LOT more grinding to add up the crap RP from activities.

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