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[PS3] Content Creator Challange

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Like creating custom content but stuck for ideas or find no-one plays your jobs? You've found the thread for you.

I set a challenge to find custom races with the aim of filling playlists full of created jobs. I will host the playlists whenever I can and will invite my crew so join up if you want invites. You are free to add the playlists to your game and play with whoever you want. You will be able to vote for their favourite job via a poll when a playlist is filled.

Time permitting jobs will be pre-filtered for major errors.

• Follow checkpoint guide, aim to follow rules here (particularly on propping) and Rockstars guide.
• 3 submission max per person
• I am looking for races NOT playlists

Challenge 1
Air race, non-contact and technical. Should be challenging e.g. under the bridge, knife flights, close to ground, tight turns. Available vehicles entirely up to you. The challenge stops when there's 1 playlist consisting of 5 jobs.
Please check that the route can be completed and that when respawning you don’t hit objects.

The Crew
Mostly Harmless Crew - race clean, work as a team and no killing team mates.
You DO NOT have to be a member of the crew to play the playlists, contribute to the thread or use the playlists.


What to post

Race name, brief description but NO images or videos

Completed Challenges

Challenge 1 - Air race, non-contact and technical - {Playlist}

Upcoming Challenges

Challange 2
Remix playlists - Must incorporate an existing track but with a interesting twist. Obviously give credit to the origin


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Nitty Don

So this is just for Air races ?

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For the first challenge yes (to link into the recent event). After that it's going to be a mix. Road next and I might try boats latter on. But it is just going to be races, at least for now.

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