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Absurdism in Life

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Absurdism in life


Living organisms take birth, grow continuously, reproduce and die. This is the path for them.

Everything done while following this path is lifestyle. We are granted with a freewill to do certain things, given that it is in permissible limits of the mind and the body. Our body needs food while our mind needs satisfaction. Happiness is an emotion which leads to satisfaction. Emotions are either the result of a judgment of any current situation or a recognition of changes taking place within our bodies. Emotions are either positive or negative because we are conditioned by the lifestyle we live in to react to situations either positively or negatively. Then, there are those situations that cause indifference. The emotion felt is neither negative nor positive because those situations do not matter to the thinker.


Human life is long and is filled with a lot of inactivity but we are always thinking. This characteristic of the brain which never lets it stop functioning, makes us continuously involved in life. It provides us continuity and stability as well as a sense of time because with each and every passing second we are travelling in the future, on our path.


We are complex beings. We are spontaneous and our reactions are not always rational. Partly because our memories are not continuous or indexed. We choose to remember things randomly and they are relayed back to us in a similar fashion and thus when presented a situation, our reactions depend on what our brain relays back to us.


Our genetic code which has been shaped by the experiences of our ancestors instils in us various default reactions to certain situations. The oldest being the fear of darkness. In a world that had us hunting and hunted, we had nothing but our eyes, ears, hands and legs to survive. The lifestyle of the cavemen was different from ours and yet humans take years to get used to being comfortable with darkness. We are not taught to scratch if we have an itching sensation or laugh when tickled. We are hardwired for certain reactions.


Whatever we see; hear; smell; taste or feel, we react to it and that is all we do. Light travels in waves and when these waves enter our eyes, they are projected in the brain like in a camera. The sounds we hear are waves too. We need food for energy and that food should be compatible with our digestive system so we have the tongue that over time has fed the DNA code of humans with an instilled reaction of taste for things that can been consumed. Smelling is nothing but tasting the particles flying in air. The sense of touch is an electronic feedback which passes through the nervous system to the brain where it is felt. These senses which were meant for aiding survival have inadvertently created an information boom for the brain and has led to its development.


Relativity is everything in the world of sense. If we existed on the atomic scale, the world would have been completely different. If we were flies, we would have been able to see microscopic insects with bare eyes but we can’t as humans.


Yet, we try to see deep and far with microscopes and telescopes. The truth is: we increase the worldly experiences by introspecting deeper and deeper into the brain. It is a trait of the brain to find and experience newer things… which has perhaps been exploited by living beings for ages to unintentionally create what now exists. I do not mean to say that things are made out of thin air, but the way we experience them starts existing once we reach that place in the brain where we can convert the data into a fathomable experience. The matter is not what is being created, it is the diagrams in our brains which are being created by the energy that surrounds the matter.


The physical world as we know it is the only way we can possibly know it because everything that we experience is there only because we have the capability to experience it. So much so, that a possible theory arrives that our senses in fact, are creating what we experience because it is all happening inside us - inside our magnificent brain. As our senses are creating what we experience, the stimulant doesn’t matter but what matters is what kind of an experience our brain tags it to be. It is always learning and creating.


What about the place where there are no living things? Such places exist too. The first life evolved more than 3.5 billion years ago. Scientists estimate that the Earth is some 4.5 billion years old. For nearly the first billion years after the Earth formed, the planet was inhospitable to life. But by about 3.8 billion years ago, the Earth's crust had cooled and the oceans had formed and conditions were more suitable for the formation of life.


The first living organism formed from simple molecules present in the Earth's vast oceans between 3.8 and 3.5 billion years ago. This primitive life-form is known as the common ancestor. The common ancestor is the organism from which all life on Earth, living and extinct, descended.


Photosynthesis arose and oxygen began accumulating in the atmosphere about 3 billion years ago. A type of organism known as cyanobacteria evolved some 3 billion years ago. Cyanobacteria are capable of photosynthesis, a process by which energy from the sun is used to convert carbon dioxide into organic compounds - they could make their own food. A by-product of photosynthesis is oxygen and as cyanobacteria persisted, oxygen accumulated in the atmosphere.


Sexual reproduction evolved about 1.2 billion years ago, initiating a rapid increase in the pace of evolution. Sexual reproduction is a method of reproduction that combines and mixes traits from two parent organisms in order to give rise to an offspring organism. Offspring inherit traits from both parents. This means that sex results in the creation of genetic variation and thus offers living things a way to change over time - it provides a means of biological evolution.


For once consider that when you were born, you opened your eyes to a chaotic multidimensional plane where only you are stationary as you are at the centre of your dimension but everything around you that you can experience is moving. The plane on which all these dimensions are supposed to exist is infinite and so you can never relate your location with the infinite body that contains you, making every entity the centre of its own dimension.

When you took your first step towards your smiling mother, you felt the touch of the floor, you felt the wind of the fan, and your inner ears gave you a newly felt but a perfect sense of balance as you moved towards her while your eyesight gave you enough evidence to know that it was you who moved towards her. What happened on that multidimensional plane was a bit different. The waves coming from the foreign dimensions was the data for your brain to process and thus with the help of your senses, you acknowledged them by creating them into a perceivable experience. You found the way to experience moving when in fact it were the dimensions moving around you. You created a simulation inside your brain and the dimensions immediately reflected the changes accordingly. That is the result of a happening. What led to the simulation is the attraction between your dimension and your mother’s dimension. Safe to say that in your mother’s dimension, your mother attracted the happiness of seeing her child walking for the first time when you simply had gotten attracted by her smile.


All those dimensions that can experience each other, run on the same time scale and so we all have common experiences as they are shared amongst us by the way of reflection. What happens in dimensions out of our time scale, is open to infinite ideas. We are limited by what we call, ‘the laws of nature’ but in fact it is the hardwired DNA code in us that sets the defaults for us and for the world that we live in because it is all inside us. We can see the eagle flying because its genetic code was hardwired to open its eyes to a mother who flies and brings food to their nest on a high cliff. It was hardwired to see its wings as they were the reflections of its source dimension. Each and every experience was fed to it, the moment it opened its senses to the outer world or rather the sensed world.


Comprehending an idea requires one to associate meaning to something, associate a quality with something. Sensing is to create sense out of something. This is not possible in a single spirit dimension. (God must have felt too lonely?) Thus, there is duality. For forgetting that you are inside something while you cannot find out what is on the outside, you have to lose your eyes that are trying to see outside and have eyes that see inside yourself. If the sensed world contains you in a place which has nothing called darkness or light or land or sky or any borders for that matter, what kind of creation can exist? Calling a void - a void is possible because we experience existence. Can we experience inexistence? If we don’t exist, we won’t know what existence is and so we will fail to have a purpose for existence altogether. For the equilibrium, for a balance, there is a need for both the ends of the pole. For light to be light, there is darkness. Thus, for creation, you need existence and for existence, you need duality.


The conflict between human tendency to have a meaning in life and his inability to find any is the Absurdism in life. The universe and the human mind do not each separately cause the Absurd, but rather, the Absurd arises by the contradictory nature of the two existing simultaneously. Escaping existence, prima facie, seems like the only choice to break this Absurd but by dying, one does not counter the Absurd. Rather, the act of ending one's existence only becomes more absurd. A better solution is a religious, spiritual, or abstract belief in a transcendent realm, being, or idea. You start believing in the existence of a reality that is beyond the Absurd and as such, has meaning. A belief in anything beyond the Absurd requires a non-rational but perhaps necessary religious acceptance in such an intangible and unprovable thing. It is a leap of faith but this can be also seen as a philosophical suicide. The only preferable solution in my opinion is the acceptance of the Absurd. When you accept the Absurd and continue to live in spite of it, you can achieve absolute freedom. By recognizing no religious or other moral constraints and by revolting against the Absurd while simultaneously accepting it as unstoppable, one could possibly be content from the personal meaning constructed in the process.


It is high time that we realize that our ideas of the universe are our own and have been fathomed by our brains. We have tapped into the data provided to us by the universe which has brought upon us the lives we experience in our own ways. The universe has looked into itself for ages and thus the creation has flourished. Your existence is the proof that the universe is looking inside. You are the conscious part of the universe. What you see is not important because the universe is trying to see through you. All it is trying to do is create order out of chaos. Flow with it and don’t limit the universe with your fears.


There is enough destruction elsewhere in the universe so let us keep it there and have only creation on this planet which we have collectively simulated and named THE EARTH.

Edited by Mister Kay

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I find it interesting that you have ignored the answer that is perhaps equal to absurdism in the eyes of Camus-- suicide. It, aside from acceptance and striving towards a realization of the absurd, is the only solution he couldn't really argue against for any reason other than the relation of it to your friends and family.



I'll come back to this when I have more time for a full critique.

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I thought upon that for a while when I read into Absurdism but what I felt was that it was against what I intended to tell through the whole thing. Destroying existence is stopping creation which I don't want to permit in my opinion.

Edited by Mister Kay

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