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Need help deciding on my last car.

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Youre racing garage needs an update

Elegy owns the feltzer (the massacro is still the one for semi drag racing, but is otherwise also owned)

you atleast need the new classic coquette for the sport classics...and the old z-type is even better then that one

Since spoilers improve traction the exemplar is owned by the zion and the felon 4 door...the first one is the fastest coupe..but the felon isnt to far off and just looks 3 times nicer though

The ruiner is owned by the dominator and the blade wich are both comparable on laptime

Have to note that im talking about all cars full6 modded with custom spoilers ok them(if you have an elegy that already had a spoiler when buying it, that spoiler is not gonna be anything more then cosmetical

Further i notice you dont have the huntley s...wich is tge king in the suv class

I don't know if you saw my post above, but I said everyone has their own "style" with certain cars. The Elegy is overrated and I can own it with a Feltzer or Massacro. I win races with the Monroe; my second choice would be the Z-Type as I don't like the Coquette Classic. The Exemplar is not "owned" by the Zion or Felon. At least, in my experience. Ruiner is my go-to muscle car. I dominate any person in any other muscle car. I also just bought a Huntley S so now I can compete in SUV races. This is just my experience. A good driver in a "lower-end" car can beat any bad driver in a "higher-end" car.



I completely agree, Except for the part about the coquette classic. That is now the fastest accelerating sports classic in the game. (I have both monroe and coquette classic) The Huntley S is a great SUV for racing. And my ruiner is also my go to muscle car. It just looks, sounds, and handles the best. And the Massacro is definitely one of the best sports cars on any track.


The looks of the Coquette Classic and acceleration are pretty good. But it's just not my "type" of car. It may have the best acceleration, but that wouldn't matter as something like a Z-Type would eventually catch up less than 20 seconds later.

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Coquette Classic.





Yeah... I have no idea what's going on with that first one, but the second one looks like cotton candy!

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