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Things That We No Longer See and Miss

Recommended Posts


The mission dupe glitch prior to early November. I remember a guy hosting a lobby where he brought out the original Franklin's Buffalo (all chrome with EXPLOITS on the license plate and red tire smoke) and the Space Docker. Guys were fighting to get into the passenger seat to start the mission. Sometimes turned into chaos but it was still somewhat exciting to get a vehicle that you couldn't get otherwise.


I still got my Buffalo MKII from November, never sold it and still use it for missions with friends. I remember people trying to use the Space Docker for races and losing horribly.


Oh and for those who don't know, the definition of Space Docker is quite disturbing.


Space Docker:

Someone who defecates into condoms, freezes them, then later uses them as a dildo.



hmmm lets see:


The mechanic

North Yankton

Store-able Police vehicles

Gate Launch Glitch

Space Docker

HVY Cutter

Tow Truck

Being able to open the back of the Titan and Cargobob

The hat and mask glitch


R* just suck the joy out of everything, none of those things were harming anyone. But heeey R* cant let us have fun now can they. Instead they replace this stuff with sh*tty DLC's like the flight school update


Some of the vehicles caused problems. The Tow Truck would cause consoles to freeze and something like that shouldn't be in the game if it causes those types of problems.

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The mechanic

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