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Does anyone get missions from Trevor?


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Only more recently I paid attention to the loading screen that says "of all the jobs you could do you have done..."
and I noticed Trevor is on it and it says I have done 0 of his missions. I have done the thing where Ron or whoever says Trevor is pissed at me and to go to his trailer... and I also did a mission where I had to steal a van and take it to Trevors trailer garage.


I read a few things via google of people having the same issue, but nothing has a resolution? I've hung around Sandy Shores... completed Base Invaders on hard and what not. But still I just get Ron sending the same Base Invader job over and over again and no peep from Trevor.


And, yes, I'm level 115, and Trevors first missions is supposed to unlock at level 13, and so on till about level 70 something. Plus, I've looked at what the Trevor missions are called, and they are not available in my list to host the missions from the start menu.


Does anyone know if this is a glitch, or is there something you need to do to unlock missions from Trevor?



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Posted in wrong section. Moving to Online Support

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