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Happy 25th Anniversary Grand Theft Auto!

Do you grief AFK'ers?


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I hosted Rooftop Rumble and 2 really low level guys joined (a level 14, and a level 9, they seemed like friends). Then a level 130 jumps in at the last second right before I launch the mission.


Me and the 2 low levels go directly to the parking lot. Get into a good fire fight, these lower level guys are doing pretty good. We manage to kill the entire garage and professionals.


Something strikes me as funny, seems like this should have been a bit easier... I look around, and the level 130 guy is literally still at the mission start point down the street. This douche bag hasn't even moved and is letting us carry the load. So the lower level guys are chasing down the document car, and I take my Sentinel XS and drive as fast as I can towards the AFK guy and managed to flatten him out. One for my KD ratio. He respawns a little bit down the road, and by now he's caught onto me trying to murder his ass. He jumps out of the way and tries to sticky bomb me (of course I'm invincible since we're team mates). Then I back over him and just leave my car on top of him until he expires again.


He sends me a nasty voice message basically saying, "Gotta troll missions to raise your KD ratio huh fa****?!"


I'm the troll? This guy is joining random missions to get free RP and cash by just going AFK at the beginning of missions. What a tool bag.

Why do I feel like someone (everyone) has made a thread about this... hmm
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What's afk?

Away From Keyboard Consoles. Strange considering we're on Consoles.


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Arrows to Athens



What's afk?

Away From Keyboard Consoles. Strange considering we're on Consoles.



Well that's what it stands for and yet we gamers still use it. However you abbreviated it perfectly well there.

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Free roam: I don't think it's really griefing if they're not there, but yeah I do - last guy I found I just kept murdering with a fire hose on a firetruck, only stopped because dinner arrived and I had to log off. Now I keep an eye out so I can try a muggers on them (haven't had one yet).


Missions: yeah stuff'em, run them over or kick them out (you can kick players if other players vote). I usually ignore it but it pisses me off, lazy asses.


what does AFK mean?


Away from Keyboard

It's an old term for someone leaving a game or chat session etc, in this case it'd really be "Away from Controller" but it's a generic term so keeps getting used and to be honest I'd be confused if I spotted AFC lol

Edited by SpidersWeb
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Stop playing RR, he is most likely just really tired of that mission.

Then why join a damn random online mission? He can start his own playlist.

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