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Hooligan Riot


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I made a fun Melee TDM with weapons and the odd molotov and tear gas, which don't unbalance the game at all


It's really fun, at 5 people a team for 15 minutes the winners took 15grand on winning and stacked up nearly 100 kills in that time. It's got a 92% rating and I used to play it a lot though it's been quiet. Looking to get the room packed with 16 people, think it would be a really awesome game.


Anyone who's up for that let me know. On PSN I'm k-rotty, on GTAV I'm kingrottie.


People seldom join, not sure why - but when they do they seem to always really enjoy it. It's tense, often the kills are rising within a space of 2 kills above the losing team and slowly increasing.


I'd also like any advice for making my TDM have a better pay off for the players.

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it might be, haven't played that one.


teams tend to spawn together at different ends of an ally, they don't appear until they're seen or your team attacks someone they'll appear on the radar. There are some stairs with special weapons at the top, to create more dramatic scenes. You get some players able to keep killstreaks of like 9 or 10.

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