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[3D MODELLING] The Ethnicity Of The NOOSE Balaclava Guy [3D MODELLING]

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First of all, I'm new to this Forum (I joined yesterday) and I'm really happy to be here! :)


Anyway, I have Grand Theft Auto IV on my Xbox 360 (I also have Grand Theft Auto IV on my PC) and I am doing some 3D Modelling.


Furthermore, I began to extract all of the Grand Theft Auto IV Character Models to Garry's Mod (please, tell me you know this game) and I modelled the NOOSE Tactical Response Unit Officer (the one with the balaclava, the gloves and the tactical glasses on top of his head) as a first try and, at the same time, as a test. After finally doing it and looking closely at the guy, I was wondering what was his ethnicity, he's too White to be Black (LOL). Maybe he is Caucasian, Hispanic or Asian, I don't know (I guess he is Caucasian, but, I'm not too sure, I'm trying to write an appropriate title, in the Garry's Mod WorkShop, that's why I need your help, guys). :/


By the way, I already extracted Nikolai "Niko" Bellic (he was my first Grand Theft Auto IV Extraction), the PSG-1 Sniper Rifle, the M4A1 Carbine, the MP-10, the 12 Gauge Ithaca 37 "StakeOut" and the Glock 17. :)


Thank you for looking at my Topic. :)


Have a nice day. :)

Edited by MehdiFR

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Welcome to the forums. :)


Personally, I feel that the balaclava donning NOOSE Officer is Black.


Find in the 'componentpeds.img' file "m_y_cop_traffic.wtd" and compare the first texture you see with the balaclava texture from the SWAT officer. Look closely at the eyes and upper nose region.


Cheers. :)

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He's hispanic. You can see it checking out with SNT the voice he has (m_y_swat_hispanic or something so).


Edit: this:



Edited by RoadRunner71

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Delta India Echo

He is a black latino then.

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Thanks, everyone ! Sorry for being late, I was swallowed by the Garry's Mod Universe. :/


Anyway, SA:MP isn't pretty good, for that. The Model and the Voices themselves come from Grand Theft Auto IV. Sorry. :/


Also, after escaping from Garry's Mod, I've managed to zoom on this folk's face and his face structure and his skin color suggests that he is American-Caucasian. Also, he shares the same voice than the American-Caucasian NOOSE Tactical Response Unit Officer, if he would be Hispanic, he would have shared his voice with the Hispanic one and if he would be Black, he would share his voice with the Black one. If he shares it with the American-Caucasian (White) one, then it means he is American-Caucasian (White), too, the only difference between them is that they are not the same person (looking at the two's face, it's pretty obvious). Logic, isn't it ? :)


When I meant SA:MP, it was because I was trying to port it to Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas. It didn't work. However, for Garry's Mod, it does. :)

Edited by MehdiFR

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