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You have what it takes to be a f0oLiEe?

Gta west

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F0oLiee Lyfe. We are Ranked in the Top 200 in tdm's, top 200 overall, and top 1000 in racing. We are an invite only crew with almost 400 active members Who mostly know each other, and who are all above average in at least one part of gta online. We have diferent sets ( squads ) as in tdm, lts, racing, free aim, even a jet and freemode squad, so chances are you might have something to offer. We believe in family over everything, loyalty is our only rule. Think you got what it takes. Get at us.

Regards, west


Gamer tag = west lynn ( 360 only )

Instagram = @FOOLIEE_LYFE @gta_west

Facebook = https://www.facebook...?fref=tl_fr_box

YouTube = https://m.youtube.co...lient=mv-google

Twitter = ??

website = coming soon

Also we love crew battles, any crew out there that thinks they have what it takes to beat the f0oliee's in a head to head, once again. Get at us.


@FOOLIEE_LYFE @gta_west

Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/GTAFOOLS?fref=tl_fr_box

YouTube = https://m.youtube.com/?rdm=17yu0x6yu&client=mv-google

Twitter = ??

website = coming soon

Social club = http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/f0olieelyfe

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