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(W.I.P) Afterlife - (Mission Pack)


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This mission pack was inspired by the drama serie, Breaking Bad

Hope you enjoy!


14 Februray, 2010

Eugene Xanders, a chemistry teacher for a high school in Las Venturas.

On 14 February, 2010, he was diagnosed with lung-cancer. So, he quits his job, and decides to make money so he can afford for his son's college and more family money. The only way he is going to make money, is becoming a criminal. He will make meth. He drives to a old friend, Jason which he was a teacher to back in 2000. Eugene has heard some rumours about Jason cooking meth in his teenage years. So he asks Jason if he wanna join, the answer was yes. Their biggest adventure in their life is about to begin.


Eugene ''Phoenix'' Xanders

Date of Birth: 29 February, 1959 (Age; 50)

Eugene was born in San Fierro in 1959, he was 15 years old when he moved to Las Venturas with his family. He has two brothers.



Jason Kilbourne

Date of Birth: 22 August, 1982 (Age; 27)

Jason was born in Las Venturas in 1983, his dad works for Shady Industries while his mother died at the age 48 because of a heart attack.



Monica Xanders

Date of Birth: 19 December, 1962 (Age; 48)

Monica was born in 1962, Monica grew up without any parents, being adopted by a rich family in 1969.

Monica is Eugene's wife.



Neil Xanders

Date of Birth: 11 August, 1993 (Age; 17)

Neil was born in 1993 by Eugene and Monica Xanders.



Richard Xanders

Date of Birth: 8 July, 1968 (Age; 41)

Richard was born in San Fierro in 1968 by Roger Xanders and Lucy Xanders. He is Eugene's brother.



Marvin Montgomery

Date of Birth: 2 Februray, 1981 (Age; 29)

Marvin was born in San Fierro in 1981, his father ran a rock-band in the 90's, but was stabbed to death by a thief in 1995. His mother worked at a hospital.

Dead (Killed by a DEA member in the mission ''Never lose control'')


Beckham ''Beck'' Willis

Date of Birth: 11 June, 1970 (Age; 40)

Beckham was born in a poor society in Las Venturas. His father is a chinese, while his mother is white. Beckham runs a drug lab and a cartel in Las Venturas. He owns one of the most powerfull cartel in San Andreas.

Dead (Killed by Jason Kilbourne)


Justin ''Jusk'' Koning

Date of Birth: 9 January, 1973 (Age; 37)

Justin is a dealer for Beckham, helps him sell meth and sometimes buys meth himself.

Dead (Killed by Eugene/Jason in the mission ''Jusk's Pecker'')


Oskar ''Old man'' Pettersen

Date of Birth: 17 April, 1946 (Age; 64)

Oskar was born in Norway in 1946. He moved to San Andreas to follow the american dream, his father worked at a milk factory in the 50's. Oskar owns the airfield in Las Venturas. He have alot of connection with the gangs around San Andreas.




Tanes Zal

Date of Birth; 28 October, 1982 (Age; 27)

Tanes was born in a gang society, which makes him a Carson Crew Member


Dead (Killed by Eugene/Jason in the mission ''Bullet's dont lie''


Carlos Felipe

Date of Birth: 18 January, 1939 (Age; 71)

Carlos was born in Colombia in 1939, when he turned 25, he moved to Las Venturas to follow the american dream. He is the boss of the Colombian Cartel along with his brother, Santiago.




Santiago Felipe

Date of Birth: 11 Novemeber, 1941 (Age; 68)

Santiago was born in Colombia in 1941. In 1964, he moved to Las Venturas with his brother, Carlos. He is a underboss for the Colombian Cartel.

Dead (Killed by Harry Simmons in the mission ''Final Moments''


Anatoly Belyakov

Date of Birth: 21 March, 1945 (Age; 64)

Anatoly was born in Russia in 1945, in the end of 1946, Anatoly's family moved to San Andreas.



Raymond Walsh

Date of Birth: 10 February, 1968 (Age; 42)

Raymond was born in San Fierro in 1968, he is a lawyer. He comes from a rich family, and is Jason's and Eugene's ''lawyer'' and has alot more clients.



Derek Marchant

Date of Birth: 13 October, 1983 (Age; 26)

A friend of Jason who is a drug addict along with his other friend, Joey.



Joey Harrings

Date of Birth: 6 Novemeber, 1981, (Age; 27)

Joey is a drug addict and is friends with Derek.

Dead (Killed by a DEA member in the mission ''Red's Alley''


Harry Simmons

Date of Birth: 14 May, 1976 (Age; 33)

Harry was born in Las Venturas in 1976. He has three brothers and three sisters. He works for Beckhams Cartel.




CHAPTER I (Everyday Chemistry)

Mission #1 ''Intro''

Eugene is called by his doctor, Paul, and tells him that he is diagnosed with cancer. This is where Eugene decides to earn money for his family before he pass away.

Mission Given by: Nobody

Difficulty: Easy


Mission #2 ''Cookin' Desert''

Jason and Eugene are ready to cook meth, Jason have the stuff that they need, and a meth lab inside a camping car.

Mission Given by: Jason

Difficulty: Easy


Mission #3 ''Bullets don't lie''

Eugene and Jason has finished their meth, now they have to sell it. Jason knows a guy he know, called Tanes. But Tanes gets angry at Jason because selling on his turf. So he tells Jason to bring him to Eugene so he can kill him.

Mission Given by: Jason

Difficulty: Normal


Mission #4 ''Red's Alley''

Eugene and Jason has finished their 2nd meth. Now, Jason knows a guy he has been friends with over 5 years. He will buy their meth. But the deal goes wrong, as the DEA shows up at the deal.

Mission Given by: Jason

Difficulty: Normal


Mission #5 ''Methylamine''

Eugene is pretty angry that it takes about 2 days to finish meth, so he decides to steal Methylamine from a warehouse nearby, that makes the cooking go twice faster than before.

Mission Given by: Eugene (Yourself)

Difficulty: Normal


Mission #6 ''Airfield Storm''

Eugene and Jason has another deal going on, this time with a dealer called, Justin Koning, A.K.A Jusk.

The airfield is attacked by Colinas Crew members which wants Justin dead.

Mission Given by: Jusk

Difficulty: Hard


Mission #7 ''Jusk's Pecker''

Since Jusk loved Jason and Eugene's meth, he wants to buy more. Jason heard that Justin sells their meth for more money and takes credits for their meth, Jason is not happy with that.

Mission Given by: Jason

Difficulty: Hard


Mission #8 ''Outro''

Monica is worried about why Eugene quitted his job and comes home late. Eugene finally tells that he has cancer.



Mission #9 ''Intro''

Jason and Eugene is met by two unknown men, the men points their gun at them and tells them to get into the car before they kill them.


Mission #10 ''You Are Hired''

The man who had kidnapped Jason and Eugene turns out to be, Beckham Willis. Beckham kidnapped them so he could kill them, because they killed his dealer, Jusk. But as soon Jason says he can cook for him. Beckham changes his mind.

Mission Given by:

Difficulty: Normal


Mission #11 ''Springs Deal''

Jason and Eugene is sent to a warehouse by Beckham because of the Russian cartel have stolen Beck's cartel drug-vans. Jason and Eugene will be paid 4000$ each.

Mission Given by: Jason

Difficulty: Hard


Mission #12 ''Final Moments''

Beckham introduces Eugene and Jason to their new methlab. Beckham wants to talk with Jason in his office, telling him he has a mission he wants done. The mission is to kill Santiago Felipe, brother of Carlos Felipe.

Mission Given by: Beckham

Difficulty: Normal


Mission #13 ''Baby Blue''

Beckham sends Jason on a other mission. Beckham wants a cop named Lucas dead because he got evidence that Beckham runs a methlab inside his warehouse.

Mission Given by: Beckham

Difficulty: Easy


Mission #14 ''Never lose control''

After Jason killed Lucas yesterday, he thought he had destroyed the evidence Beckham runs a methlab. But, the evidence was already delivered to the DEA. The DEA raids Beckham's warehouse.

Mission Given by: Beckham

Difficulty: Hard


Mission #15 ''Heart Breaking''

After Eugene has talked to his Lawyer about his meth cooking. He arrives home, only to see his wife and son is moving away from him. His wife followed him to Willis warehouse. Where they found a methlab, and over 30 police corpes after the shootout. His wife tells everything to his son, and moves away from Eugene.

Mission Given by: Nobody

Difficulty: Easy


Mission #16 ''Outro (CH2)''

Eugene blames Beckham for everything, that his family left him and has called the police on him. Eugene wants his revenge. But, Beck manages to escape.

Mission Given by: Eugene

Difficulty: Normal/Hard

CHAPTER III (A new life)

Mission #17 ''Intro (CH3)''

Beck managed to escape from Eugene. He calls Jason to kill him, then he will give him 30.000$.


Mission #18 ''I forget. I regret.''

Eugene needs help from Jason to kill Beckham. Jason says he will help, and tells him to meet him at Whetstone Junkyard. Will it be setup or not?

Mission Given by: Eugene

Difficulty: Hard


Mission #19 ''The new X''

Eugene is one of the most wanted person in America after his wife called the police on him. He wants a new identity, so he calls Raymond for help. His new name will be Kurt Harrison.

Mission Given by: Eugene

Difficulty: Easy


Mission #20 ''All I have to say''

After 3 years having a new identity. Eugene's cancer has spread, he has not that long time again. He wants to see his family before he pass away, and give them all his money. The last mission.

Mission Given by: Eugene

Difficulty: Easy











A new life (COMPLETE)



The Cartel

Boss: Beckham Willis

Weapons: MP5's, Tec9, M4A1, Desert Eagle.

Vechicles: Sentiel, Admiral, Sultan.

Found in: Las Venturas.

The Russian Cartel

Boss: Anatoly Belyakov

Weapons: AK47, MP5's, Colt, Shotgun, UZI.

Vechicles: Sultan, Admiral.

Found in: Las Venturas, San Fierro.

The Colombian Cartel

Boss: Carlos Felipe

Underboss: Santiago Felipe

Weapons: AK47, MP5, UZI.

Vechicles: Sultan, Huntley, Sentiel.

Found in: San Fierro, Las Venturas.

Colinas Crew

Boss: Singo Sanchez

Weapons: Tec9/Uzi, AK47, MP5.

Vechicles: Sabre, Huntley, Greenwood, Sanchez.

Found in: Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas.

Carson Crew

Boss: Justin Koning/Andres Ocutado

Weapons: Tec9/Uzi, Shotgun, MP5

Vechicles: Sabre, Greenwood, Sanchez, Admiral

Found in: Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas.











Thanks to Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for DYOM!

Thanks to Rockstar Games for this amazing game!

Thanks for Breaking Bad.

Edited by MissionDesignerLazeR
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