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Car wish list


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I wish we had more drift cars for all the people who love imports and mor mods.

I wish we had cars that resembled




350z, 20pdp5j.jpg


1988 240sx, (s13)28iqjx2.jpg


1994 240sx, (s14)675mza.jpg


Skyline r32 15enw9.jpg2a6o9xc.jpg



1988 rx7 fc3s, 33p6bd5.jpg


and 1985 rx7 fd3s200vj9c.jpg




Supra 2guh5cl.jpg2l95e1y.jpg



And mods like stretched tires, more wheel choices for good fitment, and body kits.

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You also posted this here buddy: http://gtaforums.com/topic/471442-your-wishlist-for-gta-v/?p=1066081476


We have established wishlist topics here and here , we don't need another thanks.


Please browse here for an index of current topics.



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