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[GTA:IV LCPD:FR] (PROFESSIONAL) Harlem County Law Enforcement


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Harlem County Law Enforcement

W H O . W E . A R E
Respect, Integrity, Devotion, and Leadership make up the standards that we lead by. From applying to being trained to save the lives of many, members are held to the highest standard. Every member is trained by the same style that has worked for the past three years- two courses, max knowledge gained. We show members the ropes of what to do and not to. Whether it be a one hour training, or three, we will make it our personal goal to train every member that passes through us to our best and utmost greatest ability.

Apposing to other GTA:IV LCPD:FR groups out there, Harlem County Law Enforcement has a leadership that is run by a team of members that have four years of police role play experience, which will only enhance the realism and involvement you encounter. From a V.I.P. transport to a high speed pursuit, you'll be ready to respond to anything. Our training covers a wide range of call outs and special tactics that will prepare you for the field.

O U R . D E P A R T M E N T S
Harlem County Police Department
Speeding? Thinking about robbing a store? About to commit murder? Think again. The Harlem County Police Department is here to protect and serve the public against todays' hazards that lead many down a very dark road. It is the HCPD's mission to protect the citizens of Harlem County, to reduce crime, to enhance the knowledge of public safety, and to do so with respect and professionalism.

Harlem County Fire Department
[CALLER] Help, there's a car on fire on Topaz street! [DISPATCH] Alright ma'am, help is on the way. (switching to FD radio) Dispatch to 6E43, we have a 10-46 CHARLIE on Topaz street, respond code 3. While being a fire fighter in Harlem County, you'll learn basic first aid, and the procedures that will help ensure that the injured will be protected.

Harlem County Communications Office
Harlem County's Communication Office is where all dispatchers' reside to. They connect all of our units and departments together into harmony. Known as the "brain" of the county, they know all the codes the departments use, and will mark down anything that is happening in-game onto a dispatch log for post-game looks, and for data compilations. Our high-tech dispatch center offers the max ability for dispatchers to keep logs of what happens in-game.

W H Y . Y O U . S H O U L D . A P P L Y
Looking for something that is laid back, yet professional and committed? Here's the place for you. Harlem County Law Enforcement offers a level of realism and respect that makes you feel as if you were in the front seat. Our leadership team is working as diligent as possible to keep members up-to-date on whats happening, and also training new members to join the team. In larger groups, the leadership is more focused on getting a higher player database and money, for us- getting the members we have trained and having fun in-game is our priority.

See you in the field,
Harlem County Law Enforcement High Command

[WEBSITE] swiftexgaming.enjin.com
[TEAMSPEAK] swiftexgaming.enjinvoice.com
[SKYPE] SwiftexGaming


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